Breaking: Raymond Felton And Kurt Thomas Will Return

The New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers have just come to terms on a sign-and-trade that will send Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to New York for Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric. This comes on the heels of several reports saying the Knicks were nearing a deal with Raymond Felton.

I’m sad to see Jeffries go, as he worked hard night in, night out, while Knicks fans constantly booed him. He might hold the record for most air balls by a Knick, but he worked hard on defense, drawing multiple charges and playing defense, as well as tried on offense. I wish him the best with the Blazers.

Gadzuric was a goner, either now or at the trade deadline, but I have to give Glen Grunwald props for adding the second year non-guaranteed deal on Gadzuric’s contract, which gave the Knicks a chance to trade him.

Raymond Felton’s return is very interesting, as it could mean the end of Jeremy Lin, or the beginning of a logjam at the point guard position. Kurt Thomas is a replacement for Jeffries, who does similar things, at an older age, and has a few more offensive skills.

Thoughts on the deal and what it means for Lin?

  • knicksALLday

    Like the move

  • Cereb7

    Good move, our bench is better than last year, even though a lot older. KT can score with his jumper and play the 4 and the 5.

    Lin’s deal with the tax and everything costing the Knicks 62 – 72 Milliion for 3 years is a bit much for one player. That is basically more than Melo or Stat. He would be paid like an All-Star, so I can understand this either way. It would be cool, if we did keep him and screw the Rockets by not leaving them with a good PG option.

    I’m also interested in seeing how well our new to the US PG will do as well.

  • I_am_RonRon

    Would make sense to match the offer, we don’t have to worry about his 3rd year salary till 3 years later. Lin’s value is an asset because he can bring in many endorsements and can still be a good PG. But with his, he might be worth his 3rd year, however, another team that is not in the same situation we are in, can afford his services, and give us back assets for him. So NOT matching him would be a big mistake.
    Also, there are other options to make up for the extra 5m, that we thought was his original offer. If Melo really wants to Lin to stay, he has a player option for the same exact year, he can resign with the Knicks for less money, like PP, KG, Duncan, Manu, Parker, and others have sacrificed for the better of the team.
    Adding up Lin (year 3 salary), Felton, and Kidd’s salaries combined, they are just as much as what Amare/Melo make for multiyears. Also, the option I fear most, is if Camby were to stay productive, moving Tyson Chandler could be an option to reduce salary.
    Felton/Lin and hopefully Iman Shumpert are the only guards that can penetrate and handle the ball effectively. Kidd at his age is a 3point shooter/passer not a guard that penetrates as a #1 or #2 option. Kidd has played SG/SF the past couple of years on the Mavs, even with the year they won a ring, with JJ Barea/Terry handling the ball/penetrating. Grunweld has added much talent since he took over and has added assets to our team, Lin being one of them. We over payed for Camby but got Felton for NOTHING. So matching the offer is a no brainier, keeping him before year 3 hits is another.