Linsanity Is Heading To Houston

Well, I was in the middle of writing a post outlining some more reasons why the Knicks should keep Jeremy Lin, but Howard Beck just broke the news: Jeremy Lin will NOT be matched by the New York Knicks.

Just remember:

  • Lin became the first NBA player to record at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his first five NBA starts since Elias began charting stats in 1970.
  • Lin is also the first Knick since Michael Ray Richardson in the 1980-1981 season to record at least 20 points and seven assists in six straight games
  • Lin is the first player in the NBA to record at least 20-points and seven assists in his first three starts since 1991
  • Lin became the first player since LeBron James in 2003 and sixth NBA player since 1970 to record at least 20 points and eight assists in his first two NBA career starts (Elias Sports Bureau).
  • Over their first 10 career starts, Jeremy Lin scored more points more points than Micheal Jordan and Larry Bird; while dishing out more assists than Magic Johnson, John Stockton, or Isiah Thomas…

I didn’t think the Knicks would do this, despite “sources” saying so. Yes, $15 million might be “ridiculous”, but there are ways the Knicks could’ve dealt with it. I seriously doubt they wouldn’t be able to find a trade partner willing to take Lin’s $15 million expiring deal in exchange of some larger deals – the Knicks don’t have to worry about taking salary back, since only Steve Novak is under contract in 2015 – but, if for some reason they can’t find a trade, they can proceed to cut Lin and stretch out his contract over three-years, limiting the luxury tax hit.

But, this is the Knicks, and, as you know, they don’t always make sense. Best of luck in Houston, Jeremy.




Statistics courtesy of @TommyBeer.

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