Jeremy Lin Preferred New York

Pablo Torre of Sports Illustrated has the first one-on-one with Jeremy Lin. From it. we learn that Lin’s top choice was New York, he was told not to rush back for the playoffs. I’m going to post some tidbits from the article, but be sure to read it in full here.

  • “Honestly, I preferred New York,” Lin says. “But my main goal in free agency was to go to a team that had plans for me and wanted me.”
  • At a meeting in LA, Woodson told Lin, “You’re going to be a starter, you’re going to be a big part of the team.” Lin says. “I came away really excited.”
  • “Felton’s signing was the first time when I thought, ‘Oh, wow, I might not be a Knick.’” – Lin. The next time he heard from an executive in the organization, it was to tell him the Knicks were letting him go.
  • “Every single vet on our team that has been in the league longer than five years pulled me aside and told me that I shouldn’t play,” Lin says.
  • “People think it was easy for me to sit there and watch us lose, like I had nothing to do with the season,” Lin says. “I was dying to play.
  • “I have plans for you in the future,” Lin recalls the owner saying. “This is a long-term investment. Don’t rush back.”



  • ReneNYK1

    I don’t believe any of those comments at all.Novack wanted to come here and is here,it’s not hard really.

  • WILL__H

    No. Lin preferred more money.

  • Sachin Purohit

    Wow…you just compared Novak to Lin. Good work. AND forgot we never made Lin an offer. He never had anything to sign from NYK. We blew this all on our own. We passed on a guy who would have brought in significantly more money (if he hadn’t already) than his salary + luxury tax cost AND had significantly more upside than anyone we’ll get in the next 2-3 yrs. Yes, the China / Asia markets are THAT big.

    Felton is good, but we gave up too much, already traded him at high value and paid almost the same amount now that he lowered his value over the last yr or 2 thru poor production. He’s never been better than he was in NYK, that’s the BEST we can expect.

    So you’d rather give up the potential of a SIGNIFICANTLY better player who will make you more money either way (and definitely not make you worse than with Felton even this season)? Keeping in mind we very likely were still after Felton, just at Vet min (we wouldn’t have had to make S&Ts and give up Jeffries…Thomas is whatever when you have Camby and Chandler, not worth trading for the older of the two as we did).

    Dolan, you are a complete moron.We knew this, so I should have expected as much.

  • Jon Jacobson

    Lin preferred more money AND to stay in New York… so naturally he accepted Houston’s offer since the Knicks claimed they would match any offer up to $1 billion. Knicks should have tried harder to keep him, but still Lin will have his work cut out for him as he tries to justify that fat contract