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New Knicks Jerseys On The Horizon?

It’s been rumored since last year that the New York Knicks will receive some new jerseys, where they ditch “black and go to a very simple design”, but an official jersey change has yet to be confirmed. It looks like it’s all but a done deal, though:

  • The Knicks have 99 items on clearance in the store – much more than any other team (Nets have 40, which is next highest).
  • A Jason Kidd t-shirt appeared in the online shop, but if you look closely, it’s not the same as older shirts. The “New York” isn’t as rounded, and on the back, there’s a new logo.

  • Another example of the new, straighter “New York” can be seen below.

    • The Winter League jerseys – which will be used for “home weekend games during the second half of the season” – from Adidas have surfaced on the internet, but the Knicks’ color way is missing.

  • Along with the Knicks, the Nets and Bobcats’ jerseys say TBD, and since we know the Nets and Bobcats are both unveiling new jerseys this season, it’s likely another hint that the Knicks will be switching up their looks, too.
  • Now, for the icing on the cake:


Don’t expect the Knicks to make any big changes, but it’s 99.8% official that they’ll be removing the black from their jerseys, as well as likely straightening out their “New York” logo on the front.


Also, I’d like to thank Robert Silverman (Knickerblogger/uni dork) who feverishly searched and examined the fine print in uni-watch articles into the wee hours of the night!

  • mooch31

    is this the new logo on the back? (as seen in the alternates here:

    • Jonah Kaner

      Yes, I believe so.

  • Jbraskin

    About time. The Knicks unis were beautiful in their simplicity. I’ve always hated the extra stuff. And let’s also go back to the names on the back like they used to be!!!

  • Bilbo

    The new wordmark looks awful. Otherwise, I’m all for removing the black