Here’s New York’s 2012/2013 Schedule

Well, after a 66-game season, we are now back on to an 82-game track. The Knicks will kick-off their season on November 1, by visiting the Brooklyn Nets, then host the Miami Heat the following night. Below are some tidbits from their schedule:

  • Knicks will start the 2012/2013 NBA season with four games in five nights.
  • Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets will travel to Madison Square Garden on December 17th, after playing them in Houston on November 23rd.
  • Melo’s first return to Denver will come on March 13th.
  • Knicks will play the Nets four times: In Brooklyn on November 1st and December 11th, then at Madison Square Garden on December 19th and January 21st.
  • We will see Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash twice: Christmas Day and at Madison Square Garden on December 13th.
  • Knicks play Heat four times: November 2nd, December 6th, March 3rd and April 2nd. First time is in New York, and then they alternate.
  • 10 games on TNT; 5 on ABC; 10 on ESPN; 7 on NBATV.
  • 19 back-to-backs.


Full schedule can be found here.