Where Brooklyn At?!

November 1st, 2012, at 7 pm, is not just the first night that the Brooklyn Nets will play a meaningful (i.e. an actual game that counts) game on their home floor, but it will also be their first game against your New York Knicks!

Now, before you get all gassed up… This is actually a bad thing!

And, no, I’m not scared of the Nets, and I relish showing Proko and Hova that the orange and blue run this town… It’s just that this is really a no-win situation for the Knicks and the NBA.

When the schedule makers crafted this “jewel” – which we later found out was actually requested by the Nets – for opening night, on national television (TNT), they obviously didn’t think about the fact that Knick fans are going to swarm the Barclays Center. With the takeover of Brooklyn, on TV, it’s going to look like a night at the Garden!

This will be a demoralizing blow for a team that is looking to create a new identity after several years of losing. New team, new logo, new arena, new city, new start… And then the Knicks come in, take over the building, and blow them out. Then the Nets don’t draw the rest of the season, unless LeBron and the Heat or Kobe and the Lakers come to town.

In order for this thing to truly become a rivalry, the Nets are going to have to come out of the gate strong. The decision not to match Jeremy Lin’s contract is not going to make longtime (most) Knick fans really switch to Brooklyn before a single game is played.

This game should have been drawn out a little ways to give both teams a chance to establish themselves and truly establish the rivalry that it could be.

As for the Knicks, this game is the first of the season and a must win after this past offseason. It will set the tone for not just the rest of the season, but the rivalry with Brooklyn.

A lot has been said about how the Knicks are going to own the Nets and that the Barclays will be known as “MSG South”, but they have to live up to their end of the deal.

Will Melo and Tyson have an Olympic hangover? Can STAT come back as the beast that he was before the Melo trade? Do they really miss “Linsanity”?

We cannot find that out the hard way against Brooklyn, of all teams!

If we win, we’re supposed to, if we lose… Failure… And Brooklyn has the upper hand – at least until December 11th, when the Knicks return for the second game of the season series, and probably when they should’ve met for the first time.

So what say you, Knick fans? Am I off base here? I don’t think so!

This game is “on the record” now and there’s no turning back for the league or your Knicks!

To quote Kevin from ‘Home Alone’…”don’t get scared now!”

  • returned fan…no longer

    Because of Lin, I had returned to being a Knicks fan, but after the whole debacle orchestrated by the Knicks,( including even trying to place blame on Jeremy ), I hope they lose to the Nets & have a losing season. Go Brooklyn! Go Rockets!

    • Cereb7

      With that track record, I would say that your now a Heat fan. Never Knick hardcore fan so no big loss. Go Knicks!!!

  • Kamil Nowak

    New season. New schedule. New rivalry in New York. New post @ http://dishinandswishin.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/nowy-sezon-nowy-terminarz-nowa.html
    use google translate ;)

  • http://twitter.com/_whereBKLYNat Danny Millan

    You’re buggin’. Brooklyn will be in the house supporting the home team.