Are These The Knicks’ New Jerseys?

Today, in a developer preview of NBA 2k13, the New York Knicks appeared on the court in what appears to be some new jerseys. We have known that the Knicks will be wearing something different this year, but no information regarding the extent of the change has surfaced. There’s no gaurentee these are the Knicks’ jerseys for the upcoming year, as 2k could just use them as a place holder, but it’s definitly possible these are the first images of the Knicks’ new jerseys.

The new jerseys have an updated color scheme, feature this logo on the left leg, this logo on the back, grey, orange and blue (consistent colors with their updated logo) piping on the shoulders and the end of the shorts.

One detail that makes me think these jersey are the real deal is the updated Knicks logo on the back of the jersey. We’ve seen the new logo used in new t-shirts on the NBA’s website, so seeing them on the jerseys in 2k13 links the new merchandise.

UPDATE: Some graphic mockups of the jerseys have now surfaced (thanks for the link, Nick), which Chris Creamer has also shown, which adds some clout. Take a look after the jump, but it appears most of the hints we uncovered were true: The letting on the front is much straighter, being the biggest change.

More images after the jump.

I like the new look, and think of them as an updated version of the early ’90s apparel, as seen here.

UPDATE: As Dylan has pointed out in the comments, the video from which these screen captures were pulled from has been marked as private. This means nothing, but it does raise some more speculation.

Also, Robert Silverman has put pen to paper to give us his take on these new jerseys. Read.

What do you think of the change?

  • sal

    Weak. Need some more orange

  • Robert Silverman

    Awesome if true. The non-contiguous shoulder piping is weird, but otherwise, BIG thumbs up

  • Dylan

    Those are absolutely beautiful. To add to the intrigue: that video has since been made private. WHAT reason would they have to make the video private?

  • illmatix

    if that is the blue they are using then i like them….they look great

  • Torres

    Kind of old school, with the big Knicks logo on the shorts

  • mopremium

    I love those, thank god they went with the darker blue and got rid of the stripe. Now if only they’d go back to the crew neck instead of the v-neck…but beggars can’t be choosers.

  • omarisREAL


    • Shabadoo

      Oh, was it the jerseys? I thought it was the terrible management and team that made them so bad.

  • The Glider

    Nah. Give me ’60-’70.

  • Brian

    If these are legit, its a huge step in the right direction. Ditching the black and the thick side panels and returning to the look from the Reed/Frazier/Monroe championship era is definitely the right move. However, I do have some concerns with it. First is obviously the non-contiguous shoulder piping, it just looks strange. Next, I feel like the logo on the shorts is a bit too big. Also, the shorts from the Walt Frazier era had a stripes going up the sides, and these shorts do not. I’d be interested to see what the home variation of this jersey will look like. I also think an orange alternate wouldn’t look too bad

  • Nick

    Seems like these might be them from Adidas.

  • Nick
  • Steven

    Pretty nice except for the incomplete piping.. Is there a point to ending the stripes at the armpit? Really hope they change that, but it’s probably too late.

  • Ewing

    Nice semi-return to the classics. Needs the complete shoulder piping and the old wordmark across the chest. The new bolder and straighter wordmark looks odd.

  • bkyguy78

    Damn, this is some friggin slow ass off-season. Is there NOTHING more interesting to report about other than a minor, meaningless alteration (rumor) to the uniforms?

  • Brian

    Another problem with the new unis, v neck instead of a round neck

  • James

    I see 2k13 has captured Nash’s defense nicely… ;)