Knicks Are Eager To Get To Work

Thanks to a conversation between Steve Novak and ESPNNY’s Jared Zwerling, we have learned that several members of the New York Knicks will report to the team’s training center in Greenburgh, New York, on September 10th for an early training camp. The doors will officially open to the team-mandated training camp on October 3rd, and the player-organized pre-training camp will run right up to the start of that, officially finishing on media day, which is October 1st.

From the article, we learn that the training camp will alternate days of basketball training and conditioning training, which should help make sure players are in shape, both with and without the ball in their hands (*cough* Raymond Felton *cough*).

Last year, the team was supposed to meet for a players-organized training camp, but things never came together. Assuming this gets off the ground, and it sounds like it will, this is a great opportunity for players to mesh before the season ahead. This is important for all teams, but especially important for the Knicks, since they have, what seems like, an ever-rotating cast of characters. Amazingly, Amare Stoudemire, who signed with the team just two summers ago, is now the longest tenured player on the team.

This pre-training camp will also help the new point guards begin to bond with the rest of the team. All three of the floor generals were signed this off-season, and even though they’re older and experienced, the more time they have around the rest of the team, the better. This extended training camp could be a perfect time for Raymond Felton to try and re-capture the pick-and-roll tandem he had with Amare Stoudemire before being included in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

It’s very encouraging to see the players motivated and eager to get to work. We’ve all heard it before, but hard work does pay off, and it appears the team is ready to put in the necessary work this season to try and compete for a title.