Shawne Williams Is Hoping Management Welcomes Him Back

Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t look like the team is looking for a reunion.

According to Jared Zwerling, Shawne Williams “wants to return to the Knicks but the team isn’t interested.” Williams played for the ‘Bockers two years ago, after Donnie Walsh gave him a shot, then last year, after his one-year contract expired, he chose to sign with the, then New Jersey, now Brooklyn, Nets, instead of the Knicks.

Williams is open to taking the veteran’s minimum, the only contract the Knicks still have to offer, and the Bobcats and Hawks are supposedly looking into his services.

Now, we all know James Dolan holds grudges, so I fully expect him to holdback on a potential signing of Williams out of a personal vendetta, but there are actually some basketball reasons the team shouldn’t be interested in this signing.

First off, once Williams departed for the crosstown Nets, the Knicks signed Steve Novak to, essentially, replace Williams. Well, Novak flourished and played his way into a four-year, $15 million deal. Now with Novak locked up, there’s little to no need for Williams.

Secondly, he’s not big enough, even though he played center, at times, in his last stint. There might be a need for him if he was a little taller, but he’s simply not big enough to backup our power-forward and center positions.

Lastly, he’s coming off of a season in which he played in only 37% of the games. If my memory serves, he has a pretty bad foot. He only shot 24.1% from three last year, too, but his agent, Happy Walters, who is Stoudemire and Shumpert’s agent, as well, will be attributing that to the constant injury.

If Williams stays 100% healthy, and can maintain a three-point shooting percentage above ~40%, hell, I’ll take him. But, based on his recent history, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to stay healthy, especially if he’s forced to play against bigger opponents.

There are still some veterans out there that fit the roster better, so I’d hold off on any decision in regards to this signing until the other dominoes fall.

What do you guys think?


  • riteaid

    We should bring him back but we’re not going to. Because Dolan will have a hard-on and be a dbag seeing he left to play for the Nets. Lets see he’s in his late 20′s, can play/guard multiple positions and can hit trays. Nah sounds like a player we don’t need.