Rasheed Wallace: Anything More Than A Retired 38-Year-Old?

Ever since it was reported that Rasheed Wallace joined Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas for a workout at the Knicks’ facility in Greenburgh, New York, rumors have been swirling. Then, Berman of the Post reported that Rasheed Wallace isn’t waiting on the Knicks, but rather that the Knicks are waiting on Rasheed Wallace.

Wallace is 38-years-old, and if he joined the ‘Bockers, he’d be the fourth oldest player on the team. Yeah, that’s not a typo. Only difference is the other guys have actually stayed in shape. Wallace is happily retired, which means he’s not coming out of retirement to sign a non-guarenteed deal with the Knicks, so they’d have to offer him one of their remaining two roster spots. This is all great and all, expect for the fact that Sheed is nowhere close to in game shape, and he’d have to work really hard to get there – something that is tough, especially when all the money is guaranteed and there’s not much in monetary incentives.

If Wallace decides to come out of the retirement home, it’s likely the Knicks will give him a guaranteed $1,352,181 deal, the veteran’s minimum for players with 10+ years of experience in the league. Yeah, ‘Sheed will add some toughness, and some crazyness, but I’m not sure I’d dole out that money, or, actually, the roster spot, for someone with very limited upside. For fun, I ran some quick numbers to try and predict what kind of season Wallace might have, statistically.

Using his prior 15 seasons, I was able to put together a model, based on age, to predict shooting percentage. It’s important to note that right now, Wallace’s shooting percentage over his career is 46.8%. Using the basic model, I concluded that Wallace would shoot 35.95%, when he’s 38, which happens to be this year. Take that number how you will.

Rasheed Wallace doesn’t bring much to the table, except for his 6, fun, fouls, night in and night out. If my model is correct and Sheed doesn’t eclipse 36% shooting, he’ll be much more of a liability than an asset. Heck, even if he doesn’t, he’ll be a liability. I’d avoid the potential signing, especially since there are other, better options still available, especially if the Knicks are willing to hand out one of their remaining two roster spots.

We are so close to basketball, folks!

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    Forget Wallace let the young bucks fight it out and take the best out of the bunch. We’re talkin bout the 14-15th spot. Not that important but good to have I’d go with youth and over seas talent. Develop some kids in the D league (which is what it’s for) then give them a shot. Can’t wait to start seeing some games!!!