Media Day Tidbits

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to media day today, due to some prior commitments, but thanks to a press conference style Q&A session, I was able to follow along on twitter. Here are some tidbits that are worth mentioning:

Ronnie Brewer expects to be completely healthy in 2.5 to three weeks, which means opening night looks like a go for the Knicks’ new shooting guard.

Raymond Felton acknowledged being out of shape last season, and admitted it was due to a lack of preparation, since he expected the entire season to get canceled (we now know to never follow Felton’s gambling advice). Felton also used “father figure” to describe the mentor-mentee role Kidd will play for him. Furthermore, Felton said that he grew up watching Jason Kidd play (Kidd’s 11 years older), which is fun. Oh, also, Felton does indeed look to be in great shape!

JR Smith reminded us that there are “not many shots I don’t like.”

Tyson Chandler spent the summer working on a short jump shot. If he’s actually successful with this shot, it’s going to be really, really fun.

Melo, once again, echoed the sentiment that he’s “done trying to score 30-35 points to win games”. Maybe if he says it enough, he’ll believe it.

Rasheed Wallace has yet to sign with the team, but Glen Grunwald expects Sheed to join the team for training camp.