Player Profile: James White

James “Flight” White is known for his superb athleticism, but, unfortunately, he’s had a difficult time sticking in the league. The Knicks gave White a one-year, guaranteed deal at the start of the summer, and White elected to play with the youngins’ in Vegas, to work on his game. Seeing that he was the one guy with a guaranteed deal on the summer league team, one might expect him to drastically outplay the competition, but White did not. Sure, he looked better than the others, but not that much better. Luckily for White, due to injuries to Shumpert and now Brewer, it looks like he’ll see some playing time when the season roles around.


Slashing and dashing is White’s main game. Once he gets into the paint, the crowd will get on their feet in anticipation of a dunk contest worthy slam. His shooting ability leaves some to be desired, but he’s shown that he’ll put in the necessary work to improve it. He’ll never be the number one option when on the floor, but White will prove to be a consistent spark… think an inverted Shawne Williams, if that makes sense.


White is long, he’s athletic, and he’s a pretty good defender. He stays up on his man, constantly pressuring the ball, never backing down. He can guard the two, three and the four spot, thanks to his athleticism.


Luckily for White, the Knicks need depth at the shooting guard position to start the season. Shumpert is out until at least December, Brewer should be ready for opening day, but even if he is, the team won’t want to over-work him from the get-go, so there’s an obvious role for White, assuming he plays up to his ability. I’ve heard the Knicks were looking to add another veteran shooting guard in training camp, but the lack of a signing so far seems to point to the team being confident in White. I’ve head that he’s looked good, so the team must agree.

While White will not play a crucial role for the Knicks, his playing time will be valued, especially until Ronnie Brewer and Iman Shumpert return to full health.