Did 2K13 Leak New Knicks Christmas Uniforms?

Thanks to a link from @DJeSenTRIK, I was made away of this video. In it, it appears an alternative Christmas jersey is leaked. No official word if this is the real deal, or just some sort of hack, but if it’s real, it wouldn’t be the first time this year a new jersey was leaked on 2K13.

It’s possible this is the team’s winter league jersey, but it’s also possible it’s an alternate. Only time will tell in what capacity the team will wear these, if at all, but I’ve always wanted an all-orange alternate, so I’m pretty happy.

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, and some other leaks, it appears this is most definitely the Knicks’ winter league jersey. For those wondering what a “winter league” jersey is, well it’s a new jersey that will be worn for home weekend games during the second half of the season. They’re pretty monochrome, so this rendering fits right in.

Also seen today in 2K13 were the Chicago Bulls’ winter league jerseys.

The image on the left is courtesy of Operation Sports, the one on the right is straight from Adidas’ winter league document. Look similiar? Yeah, they’re the same. The Bulls’ 2K jersey isn’t classified as a winter league jersey, though, it’s classified as a Christmas Day jersey. Same goes for the Lakers’, seen below.

Both the Bulls and the Lakers’ winter league jerseys were released from Adidas, but since the Knicks unveiled new jerseys this year, theirs weren’t included. We know for sure that the Lakers and Bulls’ “Christmas Day” jerseys are really winter league jerseys, so it’s a logical to assume the Knicks’ are, too, right?

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