Meet The Rookies Of The Knicks Wall

Well, today marks the first pre-season game for the Knicks, and here at The Knicks Wall, we’re looking to make it the best season yet and in doing so, we’ve added some writers to fill out our roster. The “rookies” have taken some time to introduce themselves to you, before you begin reading content from them over the season. We’re going to expand our selection of content, so get excited for the season ahead!

  • David Vertsberger (@_verts): Hello, The Knicks Wall readers, my name is David Vertsberger and I am honored to now be a part of this terrific TKW staff. I look forward to writing here on our beloved New York Knicks, and being called “Rook” by the veterans of the site for the time being. I’ve been religiously watching the Knicks and covering NBA basketball for the past half-decade, so I’d like to think I know a thing or two. I hope you enjoy reading my various endeavors into the Knicks throughout the year, and I’d like to thank TKW once again for giving me the opportunity to write for them.
  • David Anesh (@DaveAnesh): Hello to all The Knicks Wall readers! My name is David and I couldn’t be more excited to begin contributing to The Knicks Wall. I grew up hearing about the days of Clyde and DeBusschere and have been hooked ever since. My favorite Knick moment of all time is Allan Houston’s running jumper against the Heat in the 1999 playoffs, and my favorite player growing up was Hubert Davis (obviously I play shooting guard). Thank you for allowing me to share my views and opinions about the greatest franchise in the NBA: The New York Knicks.
  • Sean Aquino (@reactdrummer34): I am a lifelong New York Knicks fan and a Los Angeles, California native. I spent my formative years battling bandwagon Bulls fans and lukewarm Laker fans, steadfast in my love for the Knicks. Through the on the court battles of the 90′s and the front office battles of the 00′s, I remained a devoted fan of the Knickerbockers. I believe that one day, I will get to watch the Knicks ticker tape championship parade down the Canyon of Heroes on Broadway. I am very proud to be a part of a fan base that through the tough times remains the most passionate, knowledgeable, and above all, committed fans in the NBA. Go NEW YORK, Go NEW YORK, GO!
  • Marleny Rivera (@nebyluv): Hello, everyone, my name is Marleny. I am a recent college grad with a major in Sports Journalism. I have played and coached basketball, as well as baseball. My writing spans from basketball to MMA fighting where it was printed in a small paper. Basketball is my main sports genre that I feel most comfortable writing about. I have been a Knicks fan my whole life. I have attended countless games, including Gallo’s first Knicks game and McGrady’s first Knicks game. I am excited to join this site and I am excited for the new season.
  • Matthew Bove (@RAYROBERT9): Hello, everybody, my name is Matt Bove and I am very excited to be a new writer here at The Knicks Wall. I am currently a journalism major at William Paterson University in New Jersey, so I hope to be a sports writer someday. I also write for other blogs called Yankees Fans Unite and Green Bay Packer Addicts. I have been a huge Knicks fan my whole life and I have stuck with them through all the awful years during my childhood. So, I am really excited to share my thoughts on the Knicks with you all this season.
  • Tony Arnoldine (@tonyarnoldine): It’s my pleasure to join the team here at The Knicks Wall! I’ve been writing about sports on the internet for over ten years. My blog, tonyblogs.net, has been up and running since 2008 and has received mentions and praise from Newsday’s Bob Glauber, SNY and WFAN’s Marc Malusis, ESPN, Esquire and more.
  • Matthew Shanley (@MattShanley): I’m an aspiring sports writer whose adoration for the Knicks came after years of hearing my dad tell tales of “Dollar” Bill Bradley and Willis Reed’s limp through the tunnel at MSG. I’ll defend ‘Melo more than ‘Melo defends anybody.
  • Josh Kaminer (@JKaminer3): My name is Josh Kaminer and I am currently a junior at the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. I became an avid Knick fan at age 7 and have been expressing my opinions to anyone who will listen to them since. I managed the sports section of my high school newspaper and am happy to finally be getting back in the game. In addition to writing about basketball, I also love playing and can usually be found camping out in the corner and shooting 3′s at a slightly below average rate.
  • Jared Dubro (@jaydubs10): Jared is a born and bred die hard Knicks fan. Though he may lack the age to remember some of the classic Knicks teams, he’s got a flair for the new look Knicks and looks forward to offering up his expertise for the upcoming season and beyond.
  • Steve Meza (@ecualibrium): *throws up random air-fives* WHAT’S UP, FELLOW KNICKS FANS? WHO IS READY FOR SOME HOOPS? *smashes beer can on forehead**digresses*Seemingly steroid-induced rage aside, I’d like to introduce myself by saying I love you all for being Knicks fans and love you even more for feasting your beautiful eyeballs to The Knicks Wall. I’m honored to have been chosen to contribute and anticipate collaborating with the many talented writers here for the upcoming season. I’m a full-time software engineer that loves to gobble up any Knick-y things for lunch, sometimes at the neglect of the engineering schematics on my desk (don’t tell my boss – it’ll be our little secret). My love for the Knicks and passion for writing have brought me here and I hope, at the very least, to not make THAT big of a fool of myself with my contributions. I look forward to this season, as well as connecting with a wider base of Knicks fans. #LetsGoKnicks!

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  • Jon

    Looking forward to reading this blog on a regular basis. Great intro!