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New Knicks Introduction Song

At last night’s tip-off party, Swizz Beatz showed off his some of his newer Knicks-related work. The team will use a new introduction song, which features a new beat, on top of which the players, and concluded with a Knicks-related wrap on top of the wildly popular “Clique” beat. Here’s some of my random thoughts throughout the video:

  • Look at Jon Shurna! Dressed to impress at a middle-school graduation, and further impressing with some Saturday Night Fever moves.
  • Being that this isn’t the most high-definition and isn’t filmed very close, I confused Chris Copeland with Waka Flaka Flame.
  • Prigioni doesn’t seem too into this whole American show.
  • *tears* Chris Smith hobbled out onto the floor. In yellow pants, at least.
  • SHUMP SHUMP SWAG. Cropped green pants, t-shirt with a jacket, decked out in a huge scarf and bowler hat. Remeber, folks, he doesn’t have swag; he has “sway”.
  • This team loves hats; Melo, Smith, Shump all wore bowler hats, while Chris Smith wore a snap-back.
  • Stoudemire did a heel-click, which was strange, but I guess it means his knee is feeling better.