Melo Willing To Make Sacrifice?

It appears Carmelo Anthony is more set on winning than on achieving individual accolades, as he’s echoed the sentiment that he’s “willing to do whatever it takes” to win, once again, this time to ESPN Magazine for their Preview Issue. Melo has fallen victim to many critisisms, and he’s looking to put everything behind him.

“When Miami wasn’t winning, they said LeBron and D-Wade couldn’t do it. Winning is the cure, winning is the remedy, so if we win games, people are going to say, ‘Oh, they got it rolling.’ If we lose a couple games, they’re going to say, ‘Oh, they’re butting heads.’”

Melo and Stoudemire have heard more than their fair share of criticism, quite similiar to what was said about Lebron and Wade. All four players are superstars – even if Stoudemire didn’t play like one last year – and all four have the professinalism to put their team’s best interest in front of theirs. For years, Melo was his team. There was no need for him to share the ball with another power-hungry player. After arriving in New York, though, that changed. Yeah, I agree; so far, Melo and Stoudemire have not meshed to their capability, but it’s definitely possible. If Melo plays off the ball, spotting up along the perimeter, just like he did for the Gold Medal winning U.S. team in London this year, the Knicks will be in a good spot. Likewise, if Stoudemire is able to re-capture his mid-range jumper, and create offense without demanding the ball for the majority of the shot-clock, the Knicks will excel. Now, if the two players are able to do each simultaneously, as well as play a two-man game… Then the sky is the limit for this team.

To exceed, you have to fail. Getting past the initial failure is the difficult part, but Melo is committed this year. He’s zoning out of what critics have to say, putting the burden on himself, and not having it created by others. “This year, my speakers are off. There’s nothing nobody can say to me right now that’s going to bother me,” he said. “I can tell you I’m looking forward to having one of my best seasons that I’ve had.”

This year should be very fun, and I really do think it will be the year in which we see the successful dynamic duo the team dreamt up when they executed the trade. Only time will tell, but it’s exciting hearing Melo this motivated.