Who’s Not Available This Weekend?

The New York Knicks will embark on a three-games-in-four-nights road trip, starting tomorrow night in Toronto against the Raptors. This trip is a great opportunity for the team to mesh, as well as get some playing time before the pre-season winds down.

Unfortunately, Marcus Camby, Rasheed Wallace and JR Smith will all not make the trip with the team, due to various conditions. Camby is still recovering from a calf strain that was expected to hold him out for 7-10 days, but we’ve now past that timetable. He should be ready for opening night in Brooklyn, but there’s no guarantee right now.

Rasheed Wallace is still not fit enough to participate in team drills, so he’ll spend the weekend with a member of the training staff working on conditioning and balance drills. Should the Knicks decide to carry Sheed into the regular season, they’ll have a few months before his non-guaranteed contract kicks in, in order to decide if they want to keep him or cut him. With that said, it’s not very encouraging seeing him so out of shape that he’s unable to participate with the team… In training camp, so we’ll see.

JR Smith will also stay back, due to what the Knicks originally characterized as a sore ankle, but we’ve since discovered that it has to do more with his achilles than his ankle. Smith’s been in a walking boot, but Marshon Brooks wore a boot for a few days as well, with no serious injury, so there’s no way for us to know the severity of this injury. Being that it is the Knicks, though, we’ve learned to always air on the side of OH SHIT HE’S GOING TO DIE, since they aren’t the most transparent in reporting injuries. Let’s hope for the best, as Smith will play a crucial role for the Knicks this year.

Ronnie Brewer, though, who wasn’t expected to make the trip – really wasn’t expected back at all for another week – will embark on the road trip with the team. Today is Brewer’s second day in practice, but he’s adamant about returning to the game. It’s not 100% certain that Brewer will see time this weekend, but being that he’s traveling with the team, there’s a chance. Brewer will likely start the season as the starting shoot guard, so the more reps he can get, the better.

That’s really all today. The Knicks will face off against Landry Fields and the Raptors tomorrow night.