Knicks’ 15-Man Roster and Financials

Today, the New York Knicks have announced that Jon Shurna, Oscar Bellfield, Mychel Thompson and Henry Sims have all been cut, leaving Chris Copeland as the lucky one to make the Knicks’ opening day 15-man roster.

Here’s the full 15-man roster:

Amare Stoudemire $19,948,799
Carmelo Anthony $19,444,504
Tyson Chandler $13,604,188
Marcus Camby $4,590,338
Steve Novak $4,054,055
Raymond Felton $3,480,453
Jason Kidd $3,090,000
JR Smith $2,806,452
*R. Balkman* $1,675,000
Iman Shumpert $1,633,440
Kurt Thomas $1,352,181
Rasheed Wallace $1,352,181
James White $854,389
Ronnie Brewer $854,389
Pablo Prigioni $473,604
Chris Copeland $473,604

The Knicks’ salaries this year will total $79,687,577, a little more than $21.5 million over the NBA’s league-mandated salary cap. If you’re looking at this list and wondering, “wait, is Renaldo Balkman still on the Knicks?” The answer is no. He’s no longer on the Knicks, but his salary will be included on the Knicks’ books, so it’s necessary to include him.

This should be a really fun year, I mean how many teams can put together a lineup consisting of Pablo Prigioni, JR Smith, Chris Copeland, Steve Novak and Rasheed Wallace?!?!

*Salaries from HoopsHype*

  • SomeGuy3283

    just some minor corrections – Brewer will make $1,069,509 but will only cost NY $854,389. Rasheed will also only cost NY $854,389, but will actually make $1,352,181. The league pays them the rest. Also, I’ve seen ‘Melo’s salary as $20,463,024