Knicks vs. Nets and Knicks vs. Heat In Jeopardy?

Hello, all. Hope you are all doing okay after Sandy ran through the east coast.

In light of the recent weather, both the Knicks’ opening night matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, in Brooklyn, and the Knicks’ home opener against the Miami Heat, are in jeopardy of being postponed.

The Knicks will hold a practice tonight at 5PM, as the city has cleared up enough for cars to get around, while the Nets have moved tomorrow’s scheduled practice from their facility in New Jersey to Barclays, since New Jersey is without power.

All of tonight’s opening night games will be played, but the NBA is still assessing the situation for Thursday night’s game in Brooklyn. Buses have begun to operate today, and will be going all day tomorrow, with no fare, but it’s expected to take four to five days for the subway system to be fully functional.

Keep in mind that it’s possible for a few subway lines between NY and Brooklyn to re-open in time for Thursday’s opener, which would help drastically on the transportation side. As it stands, the only way to get to the game would be to walk, drive, keep in mind there are limited parking spaces, take one of the few taxis or a bus. The Barclay’s center was build on the back of public transportation, assuming it would be very easy to get there, but that assumption could cripple the chances of a Knicks vs. Nets opening night.

Meanwhile, New York City should be fully functional on Friday, possible sans trains, but the difficulty comes when the Miami Heat try to get into the city. Airports are really delayed. Being that it is a professional sports team, I think they’ll be able to find their way into the city, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

There’s no official word yet regarding either game, but if at least one train isn’t up and running between Manhatten and Brooklyn, it’s going to be tough for the NBA to maintain Thursday night’s schedule, I’d say.

Hoping for the best, of course!