The J.R. Smith Rules

The following list of rules details what J.R. Smith should and should not be doing on the basketball court for the New York Knicks this season, if he wishes to only benefit the team on their path to success.

1. J.R. Smith may shoot threes whenever he wishes, so long as he is wide open.

2. J.R. Smith may only shoot contested threes when given the ball with few seconds remaining on the shot or game clock.

3. J.R. Smith may only create his own shot if it is a drive to the basket that leads to a shot in the paint.

4. J.R. Smith is prohibited from taking step-back long mid-range shots, as they hardly ever turn into 2 points.

5. J.R. Smith is prohibited from dribbling about the court, as if he believes he is Allen Iverson.

6. J.R. Smith must not touch a shooter when closing out, as this always leads to a foul call.

7. J.R. Smith is prohibited from celebrating a made shot (see below).

8. J.R. Smith may only celebrate a made shot if a time-out is called immediately following, or the Knicks have a lead of 20 points or more.

If J.R. Smith follows these simple guidelines and abides to these rules throughout the season, and his entire career with the Knicks, perhaps he will be applauded for his solid play, and not be remembered as the smaller version of Javale McGee.


David Vertsberger

  • Luis Rivera

    he makes the step back midrange jumper