MTV Cribs, Rasheed Wallace Style

Rasheed Wallace takes us through his “humble abode,” from his time as member of the Portland Trailblazers. Some important takeaways from the video:

  • He had a tennis court, which likely means he played tennis. SHEED ON THE TENNIS COURT!
  • Sheed’s “favorite joint” is turkey bacon.
  • He has an extra large tub, so his knees aren’t out of the water.
  • Sheed has a urinal in his bathroom.
  • A predator guards the entrance to Sheed’s den. So, so perfect.
  • Sheed’s an air-hockey guy.
  • Sheed drove a ’95 Bronco, leaving his teammates to call him “OJ.”
  • “I keep all my cars dirty.”
  • “These are my dogs right here. I got some Japanese koi.”

Long live Sheed.