Recap: Mavericks 114, Knicks 111

The Knicks blew multiple chances to take control of the game and ended up losing in Dallas by 3, 114-111. Tyson Chandler led the Knicks with 21 points and 13 rebounds. Raymond Felton had 18 points and 11 assists. Also, Jason Kidd stuffed the stat sheet with 17 points, six rebounds, five assists, and five steals. Unfortunately, Vince Carter turned back the clock and torched the Knicks for 25 points.

First Quarter:

In a first quarter, where defense was optional, the Knicks led the Mavericks 28-24. The Knicks forced an incredible seven turnovers, but allowed Dallas to shoot 55%, opening the door for them to stay in the game. The pace in the quarter was very fast, which was a change from the first nine games for the Knicks. Raymond Felton picked up right where he left off in New Orleans, as he hit a three to lead off the game and scored seven points and had two assists, in the first quarter. Tyson Chandler came out with a point to prove in his old home in Dallas; He scored six points and had three rebounds in the quarter. Steve Novak finally looked like himself on a corner three with 55 second remaining in the quarter that gave the Knicks their lead back.

Second Quarter:

The Knicks’ crisp offense continued in the second quarter, as they led Dallas 54-49 at the half. Knicks were sizzling from three point land, as they were 5-11 form behind the arc in the second quarter and were 9-19 for the half. Felton continued his solid play in the second quarter. He really attacked on the pick-and-roll and hit Tyson Chandler with a beautiful alley-oop pass, coming off a timeout with about three minutes remaining in the quarter. Chandler played his best half of the season, as he scored 12 points, 5-6 shooting and had six rebounds. Carmelo Anthony struggled shooting, as he went only went 1-6 from the field, but he made some beautiful passes and had four assists in the half. About midway through the quarter, Anthony made consecutive passes out of double teams to Rasheed Wallace and Felton that led to three-pointers. Then Anthony had a steal that led to a Jason Kidd three-pointer that put the Knicks up nine. Speaking of Kidd, he was tremendous, as well, in the quarter. Kidd hit three three-pointers as his amazing season behind the arc continued.

Third Quarter:

Dallas dominated the 3rd quarter, as they outscored the Knicks 35-26 to take an 84-80 lead in the game. OJ Mayo hit a three-pointer to tie the game and Jae Crowder hit a three-pointer to take the lead with with about 1:30 left in the quarter. The Knicks could not contain Mayo, as he had 10 points in the quarter. Kidd made a three pointer with 6:10 remianing, but, yet again, the Knicks could not extend their lead to double digits. Anthony got back on track shooting in the third, scoring nine points on 4-6 shooting. The Knicks settled for way to many jumpers and did not move the ball, making each point they scored a treacherous effort.

Fourth Quarter:

The Knicks comeback attempt failed and they lost to Dallas 104-101. The Knicks found themselves down 12 points with 7:12 remaining, as they could not contain Vince Carter or Jae Crowder, nor could they run an offense. Chandler brought the Knicks back with consecutive and-one baskets to pull the Knicks within six with 4:41 remaining. With the Knicks down 108-103, Anthony got called for a controversial charge after hitting a circus layup.

It appeared Vince Carter was still sliding when he took the charge. After Darren Collison hit two free throws to put Dallas up seven, it looked liked it was over for the Knicks. However, Anthony drilled a three to cut the lead to four. Then, after another Carter jumper, Chander got yet another and-one basket to cut the lead to three. Kidd proceeded to make two free throws and the Knicks only trailed 112-111. The Knicks got the ball back with 24 seconds remaining and down by just one. Felton held on to the ball for way too long and gave it up to Anthony, who then missed the isolation jumper on the left wing with six seconds remaining… that was the game.


  • Mike Woodson went to an eight man rotation tonight with no Pablo Prigioni, Kurt Thomas, or Marcus Camby. That was an incredibly dumb decision on the back end of a back-to-back, I’d say.
  • The Knicks got out-rebounded once again, this time by 5, 42-37. How does this happen almost every game and Marcus Camby still sits on the bench?
  • Jason Kidd continues to amaze. He now has 21 steals on the year with only six turnovers. His three-point shooting continues to shock me every night.
  • Tyson Chandler had his best game of the year after a slightly sluggish start to the year.
  • The refs were absolutely pathetic down the stretch. The charge call on Melo was brutal and the no-call when he got whacked in the face were two huge game changers.
  • However, that was not the reason they lost. The Knicks had multiple chances to expand their lead to double digits and failed to take advantage.
  • Raymond Felton was really good once again. He and Chandler on the pick-and-roll have become a beautiful thing. Felton is really doing a great job of being aggressive on the pick-and-roll and not settling for jumpers.
  • The Knicks, as a team, did settle for too many jumpers after a hot start, which was the main reason they lost their lead. The fact that they let Vince Carter turn back the clock did not help matters, either, though.
  • Carmelo Anthony did a nice job of passing out of double teams in the first half and then attacking in the second half once they stopped doubling him.
  • Felton holding the ball for so long on the second to last possession was a horrible mistake, especially since Tyson Chandler was holding court in the paint, and might have given the Knicks a second opportunity, had a shot missed.
  • I can understand people wanting to go to the Felton and Chandler pick-and-roll for that final possession, but having Melo isolate and take the last shot usually works out more times then not. He wasn’t hot tonight, so I would have rather them gone the pick-and-roll route, but I can’t kill them for wanting Melo, their best player, to take the last shot.
  • Tough loss, but loses on the back ends of back-to-backs do happen. Big game vs. Houston on Friday for… obvious reasons.