Recap: Knicks 112, Heat 92

The Knicks played their best game of the season and defeated the Miami Heat by 20, 112-92. Raymond Felton starred for the Knicks and he went for 27 points, seven assists, four rebounds and two steals. Steve Novak chipped in off the bench for the Knicks with 18 points. Playing without Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks used excellent ball movement to hit an incredible 18 out of 44 three-point field goals.

First Quarter:

Mike Miller hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give Miami a 26-23 lead at the end of the first quarter. Lebron James did what he does and killed the Knicks in the quarter – Lebron scored 11 points, on 4-5 shooting, had three assists and three rebounds in the quarter. Raymond Felton led the way for the Knicks in the quarter, as he scored eight points. Felton hit two three-pointers and had a sick crossover on Udonis Haslem.

Also, two of Felton’s missed shots even resulted in Kurt Thomas scoring two baskets. As you might have expected without Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks shot a lot of three-pointers, as they were 3-10 from three-point land in the quarter. Neither team had a lead greater than six in the quarter.

Second Quarter:

The Knicks and Heat were tied at 53 at halftime. Lebron and Felton continued their outstanding play for their respective teams. Lebron had 18 points, on 6-7 shooting, five rebounds and seven assists in the half. His passing is still the most remarkable thing about his game, as he just sees things on the court that very few players in NBA history see. Felton led the way for the Knicks as he had 16 points at the half. He did an amazing job of stepping up without Melo in the half. The Knicks were down by five with 1:19 remaining in the quarter when Steve Novak hit a three to cut that lead to two. Novak then hit a shot with his foot on the three-point line to tie the game with 30 seconds left. Then, Felton nailed a three-pointer after a Lebron three to tie the game going into the half. Both teams shot well in the quarter, as the Knicks shot 52% from the field and the Heat shot 56%. Without Anthony and with JR Smith playing awful, the Knicks really played a good half.

Third Quarter:

In an extremely exciting third quarter the Knicks scored a whopping 37 points and took a 90-80 lead over the Heat. The Knicks were on fire from behind the arc for the quarter, as they hit an amazing seven three-pointers. Felton hit two three-pointers and Jason Kidd made one in the first three minutes of the quarter. They then got hot again when Novak and Smith hit back-to-back threes at around the 7:00 mark. The Knicks stretched their lead to as high as 85-69 after consecutive threes by Smith and James White before the Heat made their run. Lebron threw down one of the hardest dunks you will ever see to cut the lead to 86-74 with 1:25 left. The Heat had cut the lead down to eight before Pablo Prigioni hit a layup in the final seconds to extend it back to double digits. Felton and Lebron both continued their stellar play. Felton scored 11 points in the quarter, including three three-pointers and Lebron had five points. The ball movement of the Knicks in this quarter was a thing of beauty.

Fourth Quarter:

The Knicks stopped all the Heat’s momentum early in the quarter and cruised to an easy 112-92 rout. Kidd made a three-pointer to open the quarter again. Then, Rasheed Wallace scored four points and Novak hit the dagger three to extend the lead to 100-84. Novak scored eight points in the quarter to lead the Knicks. The Knicks really stepped up the defense this quarter and held the Heat to only 12 points and 20% shooting. The Heat started to lose their composure and started to commit turnovers. This quarter was an amazing statement considering the momentum the Heat carried from the end of the 3rd quarter.


- Steve Novak scored 18 points tonight. He had a total of 12 points in the entire five game first-round series last postseason.

- Raymond Felton had perhaps the best game of his career. He had 27 points on 10-20 shooting, seven assists, four rebounds and two steals. Stepped up big time, without Melo on the floor.

- Despite the bad shooting, Rasheed Wallace continues to be a huge factor. Where would they be without him? How amazing is it that we can ask that?

- 18-44 from three. Enough said.

- The Knicks might be a really bad matchup for the Heat. This will be the story all year I believe.

- Knicks 46 rebounds, Heat 43. Heat are one of the few teams that the Knicks won’t have a problem on the boards against.

- Pablo Prigioni’s layup at the end of the 3rd to extend the lead back to 10 was huge.

- Mike Woodson actually did sit JR Smith on the bench when he struggled in the first half.

- Heat 14 turnovers, Knicks 7. The ball control continues to be huge every game.

- The ball movement was amazing, and led to several open threes.

-The bench scored 53 points. Of course, Melo, Amare Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert and Camby didn’t play either.

- Considering that the Knicks were without Carmelo Anthony, that the Knicks blew the Heat out the first game, that the Knicks were on the back end of a back-to-back and that the Heat just lost to the Wizards, this is the best win for the Knicks in a decade.

- What an awesome way to go into a tough three games stretch against Chicago, Denver and Brooklyn. Enjoy this one, Knicks fans!