Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks

Recap: Knicks 100, Nets 86

The New York Knicks welcomed the Brooklyn Nets to Madison Square Garden for the first time ever and handed them a 14-point loss.

Brooklyn Nets v New York Knicks


First Quarter

The start of this game was quite boring, actually. The crowd was dull, as was the play. Melo, Felton and Chandler played the entire quarter, and helped the Knicks leap out to an early 26-23 lead. Melo led the team with eight points on 3-6 shooting, and put to rest any doubt that he was still injured. Chandler recorded four rebounds and two blocks in the quarter, but, more importantly, held Brook Lopez to four points on 2-8 shooting.

Second Quarter

J.R. Smith came in and played the entire second quarter and electrifying the offense, connected on three of his four attempts for eight points. Melo also continued playing well, scoring nine points on 50% shooting. The Nets were 4-8 in the quarter from deep, connected on three of four attempts from the right side of the court (1/2 from corner, 2/2 from wing). The Knicks found themselves up four, 52-48, after one half, all while being out-rebounded by seven, 16-23.

Third Quarter

Let’s just call this the TYSON CHANDLER SMASH quarter. Four alley-oops, including this gem of a reverse.



Knicks extended their lead to eight, after out-scoring the Nets by four, 23-19, in the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

For the second straight quarter, the Knicks held the Nets to under 20 points. Once the lead was build in the third, they coasted through the final quarter. Another good quarter for Smith, though, as he scored 11 points on 4-6 shooting.


  • Tyson Chandler’s second block gave him 1,000 career blocks, so congrats, big fellah!
  • Staying with Tyson, the pick-and-roll involving him was absurd tonight. In the third, he connected on four alley-oops.
  • A little more on Chandler: He had probably two or three of his signature tip outs again tonight. If the team regains possession of the ball, they are counted as rebounds, but man oh man are they valuable.
  • In the fourth, MSG broke out into “BROOOOOOK-LYYYYYYN” chants, which is awesome. MSG has been on a roll trolling opposing teams, as they serenaded the Lakers with “Mike D’Antoni” chants when the Knicks were up double-digits.
  • Melo is averaging 37 points in three meetings with the Nets, so I guess that’s pretty cool.

The Knicks return to action on Friday night against the Chicago Bulls. This is the second meeting this season for the two teams, only this time, the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony.