“2WO 1NE” – Iman Shumpert’s First Mixtape

artworkI present to you Iman Shumpert’s first mixtape, “2wo 1ne.” Have a listen and let me know what you think. (.ZIP file with all the songs is at the bottom of the post, and track 2&4 are .WAV files, so make sure you download them to iTunes) RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ATTACHED FILE!


01 Introducing Royalty starring iMan Shumpert

02 Welcome

03 Post 90s ft. Tiyonna Stewart & PhlyyB

(Track 4 was too large to upload individually)

05 Heights

06 Ridin’ pt. I

07 Knockin’ pht. Ari Stylez

08 Neccessity

09 Do You Love Me_

10 Progress pht. Ari Stylez & PhlyyB (Radio)

11 #anarchy episode VII pht. PhlyyB


13 I Made iT pht Trouble

14 Th3 Connect

15 I Love Music

16 Perfect Woman ft. Billionz

17 The Chase.The Good.The Bad.The Next Move

18 Ridin’ pt. II pht. Trouble

19 Supaphly ft. Chrisette Michele

20 The World pht. Trouble

21 Honorbale Thoughts