Recap: Bulls 110, Knicks 106

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	Tyson Chandler and Bulls center Joakim Noah are ejected for fighting.<br /><br />

The Bulls defeated the Knicks by four, 110-106, in a game that certainly was not as close as the score indicated. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 29 points and Luol Deng led the Bulls with 29 points, as well.

First Quarter:

JR Smith hit a three-point shot at the buzzer to put the Knicks behind 30-23 at the end of the first quarter. The Knicks were very fortunate to be down seven, as they were down 14-2 at the beginning of the game and they started out the game shooting 1-10. Ronnie Brewer hurt the Knicks early on, as the Bulls were leaving him wide open in the corner and he missed badly on two shot attempts. Carmelo Anthony had some open looks, but only shot 3-9 in the quarter. The Knicks’ defense was lacking early on, as they allowed the Bulls to shoot 50% from the field for the quarter. Smith scored eight points off the bench to help keep the Knicks in it.

Second Quarter:

While the Knicks were fortunate to get out of the first quarter only down seven, they were not as lucky in the second. The Knicks were outscored 24-16 in the quarter and found themselves down 54-39 at the half. Raymond Felton killed the Knicks with his brutal shooting, as he was 0-3 in the quarter and 3-9 for the half. The Bulls are a great defensive team, but the Knicks really missed a ton of open looks, as the Knicks shot 30% from the field for the quarter. The Bulls started out the quarter on a 10-4 run against the Knicks bench, which showed that Amare Stoudemire can’t come back soon enough. The Knicks completely abandoned the pick-and-roll, as Tyson Chandler had a grand total of zero shot attempts in the half. That, combined with Felton’s zero assists, is certainly not what they’re looking for. The Knicks were also crushed on the boards and were out-rebounded by 11 in the half.

Third Quarter:

The Knicks started to lose their composure, as Smith and Mike Woodson had technical fouls and the Knicks were down 83-61 after the quarter. The Knicks’ horrid defense continued, as the Bulls shot 48% in the quarter. Brewer took two more of the ugliest shots you will ever see in your life until he was relegated to the bench again. Felton was 0-3 in the quarter, including an open three-pointer from the corner that challenged Brewers’ shots for the ugliest you will ever see. Chandler again did not have a shot attempt in the quarter. The closest the Knicks came in the quarter was when they cut it to 76-58, but then Luol Deng hit a three-pointer.

Fourth Quarter:

In a wild fourth quarter the Knicks somewhat made a game out of it and only lost 110-106. The Knicks were never seriously challenging to win the game, but it was nice to see them not give up on the game, as they put up an astounding 45 points in the fourth quarter. The Knicks cut the lead to 15 with 7:47 minutes left when Anthony and Smith chucked up desperate threes. If the Knicks had scored there they would have had some huge momentum. Smith eventually fouled out and Anthony was ejected on his second technical foul, leaving the Knicks without their only two players who were putting up a lot of points in the game. Mike Woodson was also hit with a second technical foul and was ejected. With 4:39 remaining, Chandler and Joakim Noah got into a fight and were both ejected. Neither threw punches so there should be no suspensions. That seemed to spark the Knicks and get them going. Felton was better in the fourth, as he scored 12 points and was taking the ball to the rim instead of settling for mid-range jump shots. The Knicks’ defense was much improved in the quarter as they held Chicago to 29% shooting.


- Ronnie Brewer is quickly working his way to being out of the rotation when Amare and Shumpert come back, if not even sooner, due to his inability to contribute anything on offense.

- Example: In the first quarter when the Knicks went down 14-2, the Bulls were just leaving Brewer open in the quarter and it was like play four against five on offense.

- Brewer’s shooting woes, combined with Felton’s, are killing the Knicks. Felton is quickly regressing to the mean, however, Felton got to the rim with tons of success in the fourth quarter, albeit without Joakin Noah in the game. He needs to continue this rather, than shooting mid-range jumpers, while he is in a slump.

- Tyson Chandler took one shot. Where was the pick-and-roll?

- Defense continues to be a big problem. Allowing a Bulls team without many shooters to shoot 44% form the three-point line is not acceptable

- The fourth quarter was one of the wildest quarters you will ever see. I’m still trying to figure out what happened!

- Pointing out the obvious here, but the officiating was a joke for both sides. This sums it up:


- That being said, the Knicks continue to lose their cool in blowouts.

- I cannot wait for Rasheed Wallace and Amare Stoudemire to come back, so Kurt Thomas never has to see the floor again.

- Tough game, but nice to see them fight hard until the end. The Bulls, like the Rockets, might just be a bad matchup. Important game Sunday against the T’Wolves to finish the home stand 4-2.