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What Can The Knicks Offer J.R. Smith This Summer?

$2.8 million. That’s all the New York Knicks are paying to J.R. Smith this season.

With the way he’s playing, though, Smith is going to demand a hefty contract this off-season, but the Knicks are a little handcuffed with their finances. They will not have any cap room, so it’s not like they can walk out and give him, say, a max-deal, but thanks to holding Smith’s early bird-rights, they will have some leeway.

As an early-bird, J.R. Smith will be eligible for 104.5% of the average N.B.A. salary in year one, with 7.5% raises year-over-year. Next season, the average salary will be somewhere around $5.2 million (estimation). Based on that number, the Knicks could offer J.R. Smith a four year deal worth around $24.3 million. The yearly breakdown would look something like this: year one – $5.4 million, year two – $5.8 million, year three – $6.3 million, year four – $6.8 million.

While the Knicks don’t have excess cap-room to give Smith whatever he wants, the team can put together a decent sized offer that might be enough to entice Smith to stay in New York.

  • Brandon S.

    JR will be a UFA so there’s no matching rights or poison pill contracts in this discussion, correct?

    • http://www.theknickswall.com/ Jonah Kaner

      Exactly — that’s what differentiates this from the Jeremy Lin situation, as well as the fact that J.R.’s been in the league for more than two years, which would’ve voided the Gilbert Arenas provision.