Knicks Are Best On Sunday, Worst On Friday

Thanks to a member of the Posting and Toasting community, poooooo, who has broken the Knicks’ record thus far down by day, we can see which days of the week the Knicks excel on and which they are struggling on.

Overall, entering this afternoon’s game agains the New Orleans Hornets, the Knicks sit at 23-13. On Mondays, the Knicks are 1-3, while suffering two losses at home and playing .500 ball on the road. On Tuesdays, the Knicks are 3-2, but have yet to win a home game in the week’s first two days, as they sit at 0-1 at home. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the Knicks have excelled, going 4-1 on each day, including a perfect 3-0 at home (1-0 on Wednesday, 2-0 on Thursday).

Next comes Friday. In the past two seasons, the Knicks’ losses on Friday have amounted to double that of their wins, as they have gone 10-20 on Friday in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, combined. The ‘Robert Rudolph Curse,” as some fans have come to call it has plagued the Knicks for a few years now, and coming into this year, fans were hoping to say goodbye to the curse. The Knicks started the year off 2-1 on Fridays, but have since dropped to 3-5, bringing the grand total of Friday night games the past three years up to 13-25.

The weekend has been a nice rebounding time for the Knicks, though, as they’ve gone 8-1 in weekend games this year, including a perfect 6-0, all at Madison Square Garden, on Sundays.

Hopefully the Knicks can keep on rolling today, as they look to improve to 24-13, a record which would include a perfect 7-0 on Sundays, all at The World’s Most Famous Arena.