Black History Month and Year of the Snake M9s

Melo’s newest shoe, the M9, recently released in a few conservative colorways. Now we get a look at two new versions, the M9 celebrating the Year of the Snake and the M9 for Black History Month.


The Melo M9 Year of the Snake doesn’t play into the popular snake-skin theme seen on a lot of the other Year of the Snake shoes, but, instead, the upper is complete with thermal-graphics, which are inspired by the heat-guided vision of a snake.

melo-m9-bhmThe Melo M9 for Black History Month 2013 sports an intense color-scheme inspired by the graffiti and subway art in Brooklyn, as well as the borough’s official flag. The entire upper is made up of a reflective material, which lays over a speckled base-layer.

The Melo M9 Year of the Snakes will hit stores on February 2nd, but will not be on sale by themselves. For $280, you will be purchasing the M9′s, as well as a Air Jordan 1 Year of the Snake colorway. The Melo M9 Black History Months will go on sale February 9th for $145.