The New York Knicks Are NBA’s Most Valuable Franchise


Today, Forbes has updated their annual NBA franchise evaluations. The New York Knicks are now the NBA’s most valuable franchise, coming in at a valuation of $1.1 billion – a 41% increase from last year. To put that in perspective, the average NBA team is worth $509 million.

The Knicks had a revenue of $243 million and an operating income of $83.2 million, which is leaps and bounds above the rest of the field, as the Lakers come in at second with an operating income of $47.8 million.

Forbes breaks down the valuation into four parts: Sport, Market, Stadium and Brand. The sport is worth $185 million, market is worth $477 million, stadium worth $310 million and the brand is worth $134 million. The 41% year-over-year change in overall valuation is mostly due to the renovation at Madison Square Garden, as well as a drop in overall player salary, as the portion of the BRI (basketball related income) that the players received dropped from around 57% to closer to 50% after this past lockout.