Latest Rumor: Stoudemire and Shumpert for Josh Smith


According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, the New York Knicks are shopping a two-player package of Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert “in an attempt to land a significant player.”

While it’s still a far-fetched rumor, Kennedy’s source said that the Knicks have thought about partnering with the Hawks in a trade, offering said package, in hopes of securing Josh Smith.

The deal makes sense for the Knicks, as they’d secure a power-forward to pair with Melo and Chandler for a championship run this year. While Stoudemire could be that power forward, too, in such a deal, the Knicks would rid themselves of Stoudemire’s monstrous contract and create some cap room moving forward.

The deal doesn’t make much sense for the Hawks, though, as they’d be adding Stoudemire’s length, rich and un-insured contract, but they have recently gone through a salary-shedding off-season, so might be okay adding such a contract if a young piece is included. That young piece would be Shumpert, an enticing player to a number of teams.

While I doubt this rumor comes into fruition, it’s interesting to hear that the Knicks are thinking about pairing Stoudemire’s contract with Shumpert’s youth, in hopes of landing another marquee player.

We’re less than 48 hours from the trade deadline, so brace yourselves!

UPDATE: According to Ken Berger, Atlanta Hawks General Manager, Danny Ferry, “has told prospective trade partners that he is not interested in taking back future salary.” With that said, a Stoudemire/Shumpert – Smith swap is basically impossible.

  • Dimitri

    Say for some reason that the hawks would make this deal, would you be for it?

    • Jonah Kaner

      Yeah, I think I’d have to accept it. We’d clear up a ton of cap, which would allow for us to add to the supporting cast. Smoove gives us a shot this year, and then the Knicks could let him walk and end up with a good amount of space.

    • Nicky Mancinelli

      ABSOLUTELY, in a split second, amare is a train wrecked shell of his former self, and iman was an over-achiever last year, this year he looks like crap playing out of position at the position Josh Smith should START at. at times we would play jr/josh/carmelo and that upgrades our scoring options dramatically.

    • lonsterthemonster

      Yes, but need at least a third team to do this. Ferry is not having the salary. Amare would have to go elsewhere than Atlanta. Maybe Utah for Jefferson.

  • riteaid

    I don’t see this deal going down at lest not for STAT. Plus if I’m not mistaken Smith is a FA at the end of the season. I really don’t see Melo and Smith working out and you would have another feeling out process with the team again. Whatever trade we do a first round draft pick needs to be included.

    • Jonah Kaner

      Yeah, this is really far off.

      Correct, Smith is a free-agent. I could see the Knicks just letting him walk, which would equate to a half-season rent of Smith for Stoudemire’s contract and Shumpert.

      • riteaid

        If you were the GM would you be willing to make the trade and let him walk when the season was done? If we could get STAT’s money off the books and have the cap space to land CP3 (which I don’t know I’ll plead ignorance here) I would think long and hard at making this deal.

        I would be really reluctant to trade Shump because our perimeter D blows chunks. He’s a part of the solution not the problem but, like the saying goes you gotta pay to play.

        • Jonah Kaner

          Yes, I’d make the deal. Not for CP3, though, as – just accept it – it’s not happening. They’d be able to make play for a bunch of lower-tiered free-agents, though.

      • Nicky Mancinelli

        that is EXACTLY what we would let him do WALK, audition him as a make or break rent-a-player who’s playing for a max deal potential to stay in NYC and if he fails? Let him WALK, 1000% chance we sign CP3 this summer if that happens. We HAVE to dump Stoudemires max deal and this is the way to do it, and still compete for a title this season.

  • Victor J. Ramos