J.J. Redick On The Knicks’ Radar?


According the Alex Kennedy, the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic “have discussed a J.J. Redick for Iman Shumpert trade. Kennedy goes on to say that more players would be involved and the two parties might need a third team to facilitate a deal. Of course, “nothing imminent,” but it’s on the Knicks’ radar.

Like I wrote about yesterday, the Knicks are in a win-now mode and the idea of trading Shumpert makes sense. With that said, trading for J.J. Redick makes particular sense.

Redick is in his seventh season in the league, and without a doubt, can be considered a late bloomer. Coming out of Duke, Redick was one of the most talked about college players, but a slow NBA start led people to forget about him. This year, however, Redick is playing like a player many teams would love to have.

He’s averaging 15.3 point per game, on 45.9% shooting, dishing out 4.4 assists per game and collected 2.4 rebounds. The distribution of his shots can be found below.

redickAs you can see, he’s pretty good from everywhere. Adding him to the Knicks would give New York a true shooting guard, a position that would compliment the roster as currently assembled.

Redick is also a pretty solid defender, holding his opponent to 31% shooting in isolation situations. Of course, Shumpert is a better defender and has a much higher ceiling as a defender, but Mike Woodson has used Shumpert to guard a lot of threes, which doesn’t showcase Shumpert’s ability to the fullest.

If Woodson continues to not use Shumpert where he excels best, his defensive value to the team is drastically lowered.

Redick has really come into his own as of late and I think he’d be a terrific addition to the Knicks. The latest reports show that the Magic are looking for a first-round pick in a deal for Redick, so it’s unlikely the Knicks will be able to contend, but it’s definitely a worthwhile long-shot.