Stein: Knicks Will Be Eager To Sign Jermaine O’Neal


According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the New York Knicks will be very eager to sign Jermaine O’Neal, should the Phoenix Suns decide to buy him out tomorrow. It’s been reported by several outlets that if the Suns cannot find a trade destination for O’Neal, that they would work on a buy-out of the 34-year-old center.

In order to sign Jermaine O’Neal, the Knicks would have to cut a player, assuming they don’t make any multi-player trades today. It’s likely that the team would release James White, who’s value to the team has wandered. He hasn’t played much and there isn’t much more playing time in his future. He was a promotional tool, but after a lackadaisical dunk contest, he’s no longer of worth to the team.

O’Neal would add another back-up big, albeit another injured prone one, to the Knicks. With that said, I’ll take my chances with three backup bigs, even if all three are injury prone, since the Knicks will need some big bodies to contest the paint in the playoffs.

If the Knicks really like O’Neal, they could always try to entice the Suns with a trade, given the fact that they’d have to cut a player anyways. The Suns might be interested in the player and it would help speed up the transaction.


  • riteaid

    Yes that’s what we need another older health problem big.