Ronnie Brewer Has Been Traded To The Thunder


Ronnie Brewer has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for a future second round pick. The value in this trade for the Knicks come from an open roster spot, which they could now use to sign Jermaine O’Neal, should the Suns come to terms on a buyout with him.

In the final hours before the trade deadline, it was widely known that Ronnie Brewer was the Knicks’ most tradeable player. The Knicks didn’t have many options to improve through trade, as they didn’t have appealing assets, but they eyed some free-agents. In order to sign such a free-agent, though, the Knicks would have to cut a player, but trading Brewer for a draft pick was easier.

It might not make as much sense, since, if needed, Brewer might be able to help the Knicks more than some other players, but I imagine Grunwald did this for Brewer, so he could get some more playing time in a contract year.

All the best to Brewer, who I think will actually do well in OKC. He started the year off quite well, leaving fans to argue that he was the steal of the off-seaosn. Needless to say, his play dropped off, and his playing time has vanished. In fact, he’s played just over 20 minutes in the last nine games, combined.

Good luck, Ronnie.

UPDATE: The second round pick that the Knicks are getting will be the Thunder’s second round pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

  • lets talk about it

    The Knicks organization is a joke,woodson gave up on ronnie to early he used ronnie as his escape goat punishing him for things he let other players get away with.good luck Knicks trying to guard king James if y’all even get that far which I doubt in a woods on ran system.

    • what’s an escape goat?

      The problem is he tried to use a goat to escape. Everybody knows goats don’t make good escape vehicles. If you really want to escape, you use a motorcycle, or helicopter if you have one.