Tale of the Tape: Laying Pipe

Since the Knicks signed him last February, the team and its fans have had so many reasons to be thankful for erratic swingman J.R. Smith. His Sunday afternoon debut against Dallas was a memorable one, in which he nailed a few key shots from downtown. He’s had buzzer-beaters against Phoenix and Charlotte this season and the Lakewood, NJ product has grown on the Garden faithful more and more with each passing game.

Perhaps what Knicks fans can be most thankful for, though, when it comes to Smith, is his unpredictability when it comes to his Twitter handle. Most recently, a screenshot went viral of his direct-message encounter with a female before the Knicks’ January game in Philadelphia, in which Smith asked his counterpart if she was “trying to get the pipe.”

Now, all sensible Knicks fans have to ask themselves… Is J.R. the most famous pipe-layer of all time? Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape, and you can decide for yourself.



Tale of the Tape

J.R. Smith

Super Mario

Legal Name

 Earl Joseph Smith III



Lakewood, NJ

Mushroom Kingdom


New York Knicks




 5’6″ (Bob Hoskins in “Super Mario Bros.,” 1993)

Most Memorable Game

 vs. Sacramento, 4/13/09
45 pts, 11/18 3pt FG

 Super Mario 64

 Best Quote

 ”You trying to get the pipe?”

 ”It’s a-me, Maaario!”

 Most memorable pipe laid

Rihanna, May 2012

 Warp Pipes, Est. 1993