Golden State Warriors v New York Knicks

Knicks Pull Off Tough Feat

There has been a history of incredible performances at Madison Square Garden.   Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have all thrived at the World’s Most Famous Arena, as I’m sure many others did before my time.

Despite the appreciation of greatness, these instances usually ended in frustration.

On Wednesday night, the Knicks were able to accomplish something they haven’t been accustomed to doing.  Warriors guard Stephen Curry captivated the crowd by dropping 54 points and hitting 11 threes, but New York was able to come away with a 109-105 victory.

Since 1985-1986, according to, only six times has an opponent tallied 50 points or more at the Garden, before Curry. 

Michael Jordan and LeBron James each did it twice, while Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton each did it once.

The Knicks’ record in those six games was 1-5, with the only win coming against Hamilton and the Pistons.

Also, since 1985-86, there have been 12 games (not including Curry) in which a player has hit 10 three pointers or more.  The team with the player who went bonkers from three notched an 11-1 record.

The Knicks beat the odds on two statistical anomalies Wednesday night.  Winning a game in a situation the Knicks franchise normally struggled to be victorious, plus overcoming an individual performance opposing teams had trouble dealing with in the past.

Getting a W against the Warriors on the night Stephen Curry put together the best game he played in his young career was an excellent sign.  New York isn’t back to where it needs to be with its current two game-winning streak, but at least they’re trending in the right direction.