The Knicks, Jordan, LeBron

What’s up Knicks Wall readers? As a new contributor, I felt the need to let you all know a bit about me. I feel this is appropriate with the Knicks just playing a game against the Heat. I’m a huge Knicks fan, but I’m also a huge LeBron James fan. I know, I know, odd. Yet, is it that weird enough to be considered frowned upon by the New York fan base? I’m not so sure. I only say this because we have had similar scenarios in the 90′s with the one and only Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is an icon on and off the court. A polarizing figure such as Jordan has both admirers and haters. During the 90′s there were Knicks fans who rooted for the Knicks, but were also huge fans of Jordan. Odd because Jordan was known for torching the Knicks. He has 20 40+ point games against the Knicks. That’s 15 more than any other player since Jordan’s rookie season. I’m not even going to bring up the number of playoff series Jordan has ruined for the Knicks faithful. He single handily barricaded one of the greatest eras of Knicks basketball from a Championship.

Yet, a lot of those who were able to see Jordan play love him. And if you don’t love him, you at least respect him. It’s kinda like that for my generation with LeBron. I wasn’t old enough to witness the greatness that was Michael Jordan.

So who was my Jordan? Kobe Bryant wasn’t really my cup of tea, then add in the fact most of his games were on the West Coast and you have my reasoning. That leaves me with LeBron.

LeBron James can do it all. He could score at will, distribute the basketball, and rebound. James is also a fun loving guy who was the star among a bunch of misfits in Cleveland. Every season he single handily put them in a position to win despite a lack of a supporting cast. To shorten the story of LeBron’s career I’ll just say he finally won a ring, proving his doubters wrong.

We all see what LeBron does night to night. Some of us take it for granted, others realize we’re watching the best player since Jordan. LeBron torches the Knicks all the time. He has a career line of 27.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game against New York. While watching LeBron you can get mad that he chose sunny South Beach over the bright lights of New York City, but don’t hate his game.

LeBron and Jordan share similar qualities. If you’re going to dislike one of them, at least give them their rightfully earned respect for what they have done on the court. It’s likely that LeBron will be similar to Jordan in another way. That being a blockade for the Knicks getting to the NBA Finals. If New York is able to get through the cracks one year they better take advantage. This group of players doesn’t want to end up like the great teams of the 90′s.