Recap: Warriors 92, Knicks 63


The Knicks started off their grueling five game west coast stretch in brutal fashion by getting routed by Golden State 92-63. The Knicks shot an egregious 27% from the field and their 63 points were a season low.

The most concerning thing was how Carmelo Anthony looked. He scored 14 points on 4-14 shooting and did not look like himself at all. He just did not look to have any explosiveness or athleticism with his bad knee. Obviously, you should have expected some rust from Melo, but that might not have been the issue. Was it rust or is Melo still injured?

The Knicks were only down three after the first, but Steve Novak missed several open three-pointers in the second and it was pretty much over after that. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson could not miss from three-point range again, as the Knicks just neglected them over screens at times.

Somehow, Mike Woodson let Melo play 34 minutes in this game. He waited too long to pull the plug on him in the third quarter when it was clear that the game was over and then he inexplicably brought him back in during the fourth quarter. I seriously have no clue what justification he can have for that. Hopefully, that means that they really think Melo’s knee is o.k., but I’m not sure about that. Chris Copeland once again lit it up in garbage time, which made Woodson’s continued decision to start the useless James White all the more puzzling. Copeland may be awful on defense, but he can score, which is more than James White can say.

As if this game wasn’t brutal enough, Joey Crawford felt the need to do what he does and inflict himself on the game. Crawford called JR Smith for a flagrant two and got him ejected on a foul where I did not even think it was a flagrant one. Smith made a play on the ball and there was nothing malicious about the foul. Of course, if Joey Crawford doesn’t let you know he is officiating the game he hasn’t done his job, so this was not surprising.

Unfortunately, losing this game puts the Knicks in a real bad spot for this road trip. Coming back to New York with even a 2-3 record would be a pretty big win. Wednesday night in Denver will be interesting for obvious reasons.