Melo Needs to Sit


Carmelo Anthony is the center of the NBA universe tonight.  He is the biggest story, like Dwight Howard was on Tuesday, as he led the Lakers to a thumping of his former team, the Magic..  Despite Melo trying to play off that playing the Nuggets is just another game, deep down he wants to put forth a performance like Howard.

It’s time for Melo to set aside his ego and use his brain.  He has no business being on the court against his former team.

Melo looked the worst I have ever seen him in a New York uniform against the Warriors.  Not everything has been pretty with Anthony  since the Knicks have traded for him.  Across his time in New York, fans have witnessed some embarrassing performances.  This beat them all and it wasn’t remotely close.

The only logical explanation (nothing was logical about it, actually, pretend I used a different word) for the way head coach Mike Woodson handled Anthony’s minutes against Golden State is he  was trying to let his best player get through the rust before the return to his original team.

Time to take a step back, this is completely insane.

If Melo isn’t going to recognize that he needs to sit on his own, Woodson and the training staff need to tell him he can’t play.  Since it appears Woodson isn’t willing to take that stand, it’s on Glen Grunwald, the General Manager, to step in.  If Grunwald isn’t going to speak up, Knicks owner James Dolan needs to get on a plane to Denver and order Carmelo Anthony doesn’t touch the floor tonight.

Reading through the stories from the beat writers, it seems likely Melo is going to get shut down or at least miss the Blazers game on Thursday night after he plays against the Nuggets.

It is completely unacceptable to risk your franchise player, who is clearly hampered by an injury and has already been overworked because the head coach has been coaching with a short sited view.

On Monday night, Anthony was clearly not comfortable enough to push his knee to the limit.  Against the Nuggets, in a game Melo so desperately wants to play well in, I doubt the effort level comes in as low.  This is what has me worried.

The Nuggets aren’t moving away from Denver.  This game will be there again next year.   A chance to get to the Eastern Conference Finals in a wide open East, outside of Miami, might not be.

That opportunity disappears if Anthony goes down.  Plain and simple — it’s not worth the risk and someone has to do something about it

  • Truelifestories

    Agree 10000%. Melo is afraid, IMO, that he will look like a punk because he will have a DNP against the Nuggets. As you said, there’s always next season. If Melo plays tonight, his ego will kick in and he may hurt his knee worse. IMO, Mike Woodson is a terrible, short-sighted coach who needs to be reigned in. If Grunwald doesn’t stop this madness, then it’s up to James Dolan.

    I expect the Knicks to get blown out again tonight. Melo will take the team on his shoulders and try hero-ball. Bad situation all around.