The Second Quarter of Doom


As Knicks broadcaster Al Trautwig has labeled the second quarter’s of New York’s turbulent west coast quest to, at least, stay afloat without their big three. The Knicks are four days into their weeklong road trip, with two more stops in Los Angeles and Utah. There seems to be frenzy everywhere. From the team, to the trainers, New York is completely depleted of knees and is searching for answers to the scariest word in Knicks land, day-to-day. But until that’s solved, the Knicks should worry about their second quarter woes. Lets take a look at their past three endeavors in the second 12 minutes of play.

Vs. Golden State

As far as the second quarter goes, the Knicks couldn’t hit water if they fell off a boat. Monday night, shooting 3 for 18 (16%!), New York scored only 12 points. The team entered the quarter down by 3, but was down 15 by the half. Carmelo Anthony lost the battle of sore knees to David Lee, who scored 9 of the Warriors 24 points.

Vs. Denver

In the shadows lingering, this was supposed to be Carmelo’s big return to Denver, but it only lasted until about the third quarter when Anthony pulled himself. Denver revealed the Knicks lack of interior defense with six layups and a dunk. Starting the quarter within 5, New York quickly crumbled under some bad decisions and plays off, and trailed by 22 by halftime. The Knicks scored 16 points and made only six shots, three more than they did in Golden State.

Vs. Portland

This was a fun game to watch, man! Until the second quarter came, I was finally starting to regain sanity watching the Knicks play good basketball again. New York entered the quarter up by eight– Chris Copeland gave a strong showing in the first. Even midway into the second quarter was going extremely well on both ends going up by 13 at one point. But a few Felton turnovers and the disappearance of Chris Copeland  led a 16 point swing for New York as they lost the lead within the last 30 seconds of the quarter, and went into halftime by three. This was the Knicks best shooting second quarter of the trip (64%).

Moral of the story, epic lapses in the second quarter have led to a three game demise, in which the last one hurt the most, as the Knicks mis led us for about a half of basketball into believing someone had awoken the lethargic Knicks. New York remains one game ahead of Brooklyn with the Division lead.