Time To Part Ways With Stoudemire, At Any Cost


The New York Knicks almost have an identity.

It is there.

We all know it works, but, at certain times, head coach Mike Woodson, and even the players, don’t fully accept it.

Play Carmelo Anthony at the four, surround him with two knock down catch-and-shoot three point shooters and a penetrating point guard who can run pick and roll.  From the center position, you need a low usage player, who is a threat when he dives to the basket.  The center needs to be able to cover up for some of the defensive flaws in the group, just as Chandler has.

The formula works, as we’ve seen in large chunks across two seasons.

This idea – this fact – does make for an awkward situation.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

New York’s blueprint was to be a high-powered offensive machine built around Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.  They got the good offense down, but the problem is Stoudemire doesn’t have anything to do with it.

In 2011, STAT was replaced by a combo of Melo, Jared Jeffries and Steve Novak.  He wasn’t missed one bit.

In 2012, STAT was replaced by Melo, Chris Copeland and Steve Novak.  His contributions were, once again, not needed.

Amare’s inability to stay healthy creates more problems than are needed.  It’s a pain the ass to integrate him into the rotation and adjust schemes to cover up his flaws defensively.  The annoying process has taken place multiple times over the course of the last two seasons for a variety of reasons.

STAT makes Mike Woodson’s job harder.  Woodson seemed to struggle with rotational decisions the most when Stoudemire was playing or trying to keep the rotation in primed for his return.  It puts Woodson in a tough situation with a high salary player, who believes he is more important than he actually is.

I think it’s best for both parties, the Knicks organization and Amar’e, if they part ways.  Stoudemire is an inhabitant to the Knicks truly, 100%, getting behind what makes this team its best.

I don’t think a trade is possible.

New York needs to buyout the final two years of his contract, if James Dolan is willing to spend the cash.

Dolan over the years has paid Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Eddy Curry and many others to do nothing, so why not continue the tradition.

It won’t create any additional cap space, but buying out Stoudemire would open up an additional roster spot to fill with a player that fits within the framework of the team better.  Glen Grunwald found Chris Copeland, Pablo Prigioni & Kenyon Martin on cheap, affordable contracts.  It gives him one more space to look for value in a variety of different areas.

If Stoudemire were to stay healthy (a ridiculous idea, but just in case) it would be even more difficult than it was this season.  The scenario needs to be avoided.

There is more than enough evidence that shows the Knicks are a better team when Stoudemire is not around.  The issues he brings isn’t worth the value of having his expiring contract around two seasons from now.  New York has the opportunity to be very good again next if they accept who they are and don’t stray from it.

  • Truelifestories

    “Amare’s inability to stay healthy creates more problems than are needed. It’s a pain the ass to integrate him into the rotation and adjust schemes to cover up his flaws defensively. The annoying process has taken place multiple times over the course of the last two seasons for a variety of reasons.

    STAT makes Mike Woodson’s job harder. Woodson seemed to struggle with rotational decisions most when Stoudemire was around or trying to keep the rotation in order in accordance with his return. It puts him in a tough situation with high salary player, who believes he is more important than he actually is.”
    This says it all Bryan. Everyone can see Stat is done but Stat.

    • Master and Ruler

      Stat was never given a true chance to contribute. he got the ax the second he did something wrong UNLIKE Wallace and JR who were allowed to make fools of themselves many nights with no hook. Woody plays favorites, period. There is no accountability here

  • SuitUpEwing

    This is totally retarded. Is Amare the most gifted defender…no. However when he is healthy, he is one of the most offensively dominant power forwards in the game. How can you justify spending 35M+ to cut him with no advantage other than “making Woodson’s job easier”?

    When Amare was on the court mid-season, he played like a beast while the Knicks played TEAM ball, with excellent movement in the same way they played pre-Melo. The problem is Melo and JR. They may be excellent scorers, but clog up ball movement, force up shots, and cause stagnation.

    I do agree that it is an issue if he can’t stay healthy, but there is no way you can say he cant help this team while a ball hogging chucker like JR can.

    • Master and Ruler


  • SuitUpEwing

    And while you are at it, dump Woodson too. Everyone with half a brain cell knows he should have put in Copeland earlier in the series when JR, Melo, and the rest of the gang were clanking off O’fer after O’fer

    • Master and Ruler


    • VernonDavys

      that was way too obvious for Woodson to do

  • George Gamble

    This is one of the more moronic analysis I have seen.

    >> In 2011, STAT was replaced by a combo of Melo, Jared Jeffries and Steve Novak. He wasn’t missed one bit.

    First round where the Knicks barely won one game means he was not missed a bit? Really? And Novak and Jeffries played so capably? That’s not what I remembered.

    >> In 2012, STAT was replaced by Melo, Chris Copeland and Steve Novak. His contributions were, once again, not needed.

    Second round exit and about as far as we can expect to see in the playoffs with the current bunch. Novak barely saw time in the playoffs and neither did Copeland except for when Woodson was backed into a corner.

    >> It’s a pain the ass to integrate him into the rotation and adjust schemes to cover up his flaws defensively. The annoying process has taken place multiple times over the course of the last two seasons for a variety of reasons.

    Seriously? Novak does not get on the floor because of his defensive flaws. Copeland gets regularly schooled by average offensive players. How many back door cuts has JR Smith fallen asleep on during his time with the Knicks? For a defensive player of the year, Chandler seemed particularly disinterested in his D this year.

    And when Amare came back this year and rounded into form, he was providing something no other Knick could and that was a real presence down low which NOBODY on the team could provide. To say he has nothing to contribute is insane and displays a decided lack of basketball IQ. If Woodson can’t integrate Amare into what the team does, that says more about Woodson than I think it says about Amare. Frankly, given how thoroughly outcoached Woodson was during both the 1st and 2nd round, I think the fault is more likely with Woodson.

    >> They got the good offense thing down, but the problem is Stoudemire doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    Really? The playoffs have a way of exposing stuff the regular season does not. I was not impressed with the offense of the Knicks except for a handful of quarters. They have a point guard who is too small and can be overwhelmed by a more athletic defender. They have a 6th man who is one of the most inconsistent in the game. They have one three point shooter who can’t create his own shot and is rendered irrelevant when the playoffs start. Another who is a 28 year old rookie who nobody has bothered to adjust to yet which you can be sure will occur next year. And our star player forces too many shots because he does not trust the offense the rest of the team provides.

    To say they have the “good offense thing down” is a joke.

    >> who believes he is more important than he actually is

    I am sorry, maybe we have been viewing 2 different people. I have not heard word one from Amare about being disgruntled with his role. The Knicks said maybe we need to put you on the second team and not start, he said whatever it takes for the team to win I will do. That is what he has done from the moment he joined the Knicks and I think its rather disgusting for you to try to suggest otherwise.

    The only issue with Amare is if he can stay healthy and that is a HUGE question. But if he can perform anywhere close to what he did as he rounded into form earlier in the year, there is no way you are going to find a Prigioni/Martin/Copeland replacement at that level.

    • Master and Ruler

      Can I have a Witness! JR never looked to pass unless he planned it before the play started or was trapped. Amare missed 100 points maybe more this year standing alone under the basket while JR dribbled and then chucked one up instead of passing to the open man for an easy dunk, and AMre was hurt. Ttson missed more.

      • VernonDavys

        JR’s a black hole , and needs to be traded . He’s not a tem player , a selfish ballhog of the highest order

    • Derrick

      Excellent analysis. As a diehard Knicks fan, I agree with everything you said above. Only way buying Amare would make any sense is if it actually cleared cap space to get a better player in free agency (Chris Paul). And that is clearly not how the rules work. Just hope that he can contribute consistently in some capacity. He has to be the best bench player in the league at the very least. Woodson needs to use him as a weapon.

    • Javaris Flowers

      I totally agree with you on this one.

  • Louis Giagrande

    Let me get this straight…. You want to buy him out even through this move doesn’t give us any additional cap space and we lose the value of his expiring contract? All because he might not fit into a game plan that hasn’t truly been tested?

    I’m having a hard time finding any logic in this move at all…. Seriously. We don’t have many assets to work with moving forward and Amare’s expiring contract is likely one of the top assets we have going into the 2014-2015 season and you want us to just throw it away because you are unsure of how he fits? Even if we gave him to a team under the cap for one year for nothing and got a trade exception, that would make much more sense than just paying him out.

    • Amilcar Cuevas

      TY. Someone who used reason. I agree with you I just didn’t scroll down far enough.

  • Isaiahdolan

    Since it won’t create cap space he should stay.

  • Chris

    What language is this supposed to be? It certainly isn’t English. The content is ill-conceived and knee jerk, but beyond that, it is a complete butchering of every rule of grammar I was taught in grade school. Why would Knicksblog link to this garbage.

  • Amilcar Cuevas

    If it creates no cap space why in the name of all that is holy would you buy him out. It does nothing for the Knicks. Just more wasted money. Keep him and hope he can a full season next year and then TRADE not release him the following year. He will have what they call in the NBA as a lucrative expiring contract. They can use it to free up space the following year. Now I don’t advocate then doing what they did with Ewing which is trade him and that contract for a player on the downside of his prime like Glen Rice. Trade him to an NBA team that has the desire to get under the cap and get a young promising player in return. Whether Amar’e plays or not he’s an asset starting next year. Dumping him gives us nothing.

  • JimmyBX

    Bryan….do us a favor and don’t torture us with this IDIOTIC, redundant BOOOOSHEET topic, please. The one who ruins our continuity WITH Amare is Chandler, because he doesn’t do anything remotely well on offense except dunk. The combo which would work is fitting Melo with Amare and two knockdown perimeter threats.

    What we need to do is incorporate Amare into more screen and rolls with a guard like Prigioni and expose defenses who don’t have the type of forwards who can keep up with Amare on his dives to the hoop. Amare’s defense isn’t great because he has not been healthy enough to play in the complicated zone/switch defense Woodson uses. If we played a little more traditional on defense instead of always going small, we wouldn’t encounter those mismatches.

    You guys from Rockland aren’t too swift.

  • Lurker

    Get rid of ball hog Melo and get DHoward

    • Master and Ruler

      D howard is worse. What a baby. Get Gallo and Wilson Chandler, maybe they’ll throw in that big Russian ha!

  • Concerned Knicks Fan

    This is one of the most absurd articles I have ever read concerning the Knicks. For one, you can not justify any argument that you attempted to make regarding “Stat”. Let me began by examining the statement: (paraphrasing) Stat makes Woodson jobs harder.

    Last time I checked, Woodson was the coach. He was supposed to make his players better. Not the players make the coach look good. That’s why Woodson makes the big bucks.

    If you want to justify an argument to be made concerning Stat, he should have been on the floor in the closing 5 minutes. He is a better athlete than Martin, he’s a better shooter, a better defender, and a hell of a lot better player all around.

    You want to make an argument that we’re better off because Stat didn’t play? Our records better when he isn’t on the floor? How about this. Stoudemire played about 40 minutes in this playoff series. We got beat by the Pacers! And not only did we get beat, we got outcoached.

    Woodson looks like he is a JV coach.

    I’m worried about the Knicks and the direction their headed, and I’m worried about your writing career, sir. Good writing sells. Bad articles like this never makes it off the blogs. Back to the drawing board, scrub.

  • Tony Leary

    What maybe should happen is start amare at center they are playing small ball

    • JerseyFan1

      Take Shump out of that trade. Leave him OUT.

  • Tod Lautenberg

    What a jerky idea. IT WOULD STILL COUNT AGAINST OIUR CAP!!!!! Wouldn’t you rather have a chance at him contributing more then nothing and d a big hole in the roster FIRE WOODSON!

  • Master and Ruler

    What a jerky idea. IT WOULD STILL COUNT AGAINST OUR CAP!!!!! Wouldn’t you rather have a chance at him contributing more then nothing and a big hole in the roster FIRE WOODSON!

    Did you even watch the playoffs. Woodson is too frightened to trust his own system or it’s players, so he plays guys uitil they burn out and doesn’t play others like Camby and Novak until there is no point putting them in because they simply haven’t played in too long. If Woody gets scared then Pablo plays 2 minutes or Anthony plays 45 minutes in a blow out. Anthony’s career will be over early if he keeps getting mugged at the 4 from bigger and stronger players. The refs hate him and just let them do it with no foul calls. Oh yeah and KObe or JOrdan Or DIrk would have hit those clutch shots Melo missed in every game when it counted. Fire Woodson and let Phil or Van Gundy decide weather to trade this washed up all star Melo the choker. AMARE IS A LEADER. Melo is a whiner who just happens to be the best athlete on the team.

  • KnickerbockerLocker

    This is a pretty absurd piece. I agree with a lot of Louis Giagrande’s points, and was very happy to read his comments after reading this blog post. Paying him that much money just to create a roster spot? How about James White’s roster spot? Or Earl Barron’s? Or Q Rich’s? There are plenty of roster spots to fill.

    His low post scoring will be important for the 2nd unit. I also feel he is an underrated rebounder. He was even producing 7.7 per 36 minutes which included “rehab” games. For comparison, Melo was at 6.7 per 36.

  • William Gaston

    Damn I read this garbage and was all revved up to to chop this clown into little pieces. Instead I scrolled down and was delighted to see he was already being served by other Knick fans. Good!
    As far as Stat’s place with the Knicks,,,if healthy(an admittedly big if) I’d like to see Woodson give the Melo..Stat.Chandler line a real shot. And stop with the damn switching already! It doesn’t hide the poor D it only makes it worse. Woodson has alot of explaining to do IMHO. His inability to make adjustments and his stubborness as far as player rotations go leave muchh to be desired. There are alot of things we as Knick fans can debate. But buying out Amare’s contract is not one of them(tip of the Knick cap to Louis G for very reasonable alternatives to the buy-out garbage)

  • Paul

    No salary cap or luxury tax relief would come of buying out Amare Stoudemire. Pointless.

  • Arf Fartlander

    Time to Suck on Balls

  • VernonDavys

    What’s the point ???

    He’s untradeable , but why buy him out ? How does that absurd thought help ?

  • Joseph@miksdaddytoo

    Article by Brian Gibberman is excellent and to the point. I do hope that KNICKS Management will read it and consider the issue very seriously. This is the best case for retiring Amare ASAP.