Jason Kidd, Head Coach of Brooklyn Nets


Just a couple weeks ago, Jason Kidd came out and shocked everyone with news that he planned to retired. He is 40, so that wasn’t too alarming, but what surprised everyone was his decision to leave $6 million on the table.

Well, quickly after retiring, news began to surface that Jason Kidd was quite interesting in interviewing for the head coaching position of the Brooklyn Nets. Personally, I think like many others, I didn’t take this too seriously, but, hey, he interviewed. News then trickled out that the Nets were very impressed with his confidence and that Kidd was the front runner for the job.

After a four hour meeting with Brian Shaw yesterday – Kidd’s competition – news leaked that the Nets were going to indeed hire Jason Kidd as their head coach.

Today, thanks to Peter Vescey, we’ve learned that Jason Kidd will make $7.5 million over three years, with a $3 million option for a fourth year. After hearing this, it makes a lot more sense as to why he, happily, retired and left $6 million on the table.

I haven’t decided if I think Jason Kidd will be a good head coach, but I have decided that he’ll be an interesting one. People aren’t shocked by the news of his hiring because they don’t think he has the skill, but, rather, because it’s difficult to go from being the players’ peer to coach, in a little under a month.

I look forward to seeing all he brings to the Nets.