Knicks Draft Podcast, Featuring Kris Habbas


  • riteaid

    I hope some how we some how end up with Mitchell and Ledo but I’m a realist. I’d be happy with ether of these players, Ledo brings us versatility in the backcourt while Mitchell would do the same in the frontcourt. With all that being said, Woody’s going to bury/under utilize whoever we draft and, it will probably be some stiff big that’s only plays D.

    • rkulish

      I agree with both guys and would also like Reggie Bullock…

      I disagree in saying that Woody will bury the person…Woody was reluctant to give Cope major minutes but he also went to him in the starting lineup at times. It took a while but eventually he saw that Pablo could start. He is not perfect and I am sure whoever they draft will absolutely have to show he is deserving but if the guy performs when given a chance, I think Woody will allow that player to grow and play. Shump had a major roll before hurting himself vs. MIA in 2012 and when he came back he was immediately put in the rotation this year. Sure, the leash is short (too short sometimes) but I don’t think the pick will be here just to take spot No. 12 on the bench…

      • riteaid

        Woody is from the Larry Brown way of coaching, you don’t win with rookies playing meaningful minutes in the season. If Shump was not a plus defender we would be right on the bench. Plus Shump is our best wing defender maybe our best defender period. Woody did the same thing in Atlanta Teague was glued to the bench look how he preformed in the playoffs that year. Josh Smith didn’t blossom until Woody hit the bricks. I’m not saying these guys the end all be all but, they could have provided more if given more minutes. As far as Pablo goes again, Woody had no choice but to give Pablo run he had no one else to run the show, after running JKidd to the ground. Even seeing what Pablo could bring to the second unit Woody watch JKidd build brick city. Until he had no choice again and Pablo was the catalyst in out run late in the season. Woody watched Jr take bad shots, play little D, and worst of all turn the ball over. And All he kept doing was running Jr out, Cope finally gets minutes booms 3′s makes a mistake on D then he out the game.