Did Shumpert Leak The Knicks’ New Alternate Orange Jersey?


Around 8PM EST, Iman Shumpert instagrammed a behind the scenes look at an Adidas shoot. The Exact caption read: “#LA #adidassupershoot #behindthescenes #iWorkOnMyBirfday #im23 <—-that means I’m cool.” The image has since been deleted by Shumpert, but it only took a moment of exposure to get us thinking. The Knicks rolled out new jerseys prior to this past season, but didn’t unveil an expected orange-alternate look. Now, thanks to a behind the scenes look, provided by Shumpert, the face of Adidas on the Knicks, it looks like we got an early look at a new jersey. Thoughts?

  • SMarqs

    For such a usually gross color, that jersey is pretty sharp. Blue on orange gives it a nice contrast.

  • hyperdouche

    I would buy one

  • Franklyn Cordero

    I’m getting one for sure! Those are tough

  • Bill Poster

    The Phoenix Knicks