Fans, More Kold Game Ahead of Us


This morning, JR Smith and the New York Knicks came to an agreement on a new contract, one that will pay the reigning Sixth Man of the Year a little less than $25 million over four years. The deal is a three year contract with a fourth year player option, making this a very fair and tradable contract, should the Knicks look to unload it in two years time, when – basically – everyone else’s contracts come off the books.

I like this move quite a bit, and felt the Knicks had to do it, assuming JR didn’t head to a different team. Without JR, no matter how erratic he can be at times, the Knicks would lose a very talented scorer and one that wouldn’t be easily replaced, especially given the Knicks’ salary contraints. Going off that, I don’t care how cray JR Smith can be, he’s incredibly talented. Let’s leave it at that.

It’s worth noting that this deal doesn’t eat up into the Knicks’ mini-MLE, as the Knicks held JR’s early bird-rights. Had JR gone to another team, they wouldn’t have been able to use this money on another player.

The Knicks’ roster is beginning to shape up, but, just to recap, the Knicks have their mini-MLE and vet-min contracts left.