I Hope for World Peace

According to Woj, the Knicks are the front runners to land Metta World Peace after he passed through the waiver system and officially became a free agent. New York will be able to sign him to the veterans minimum, which is a $1.4 million deal. The deal will likely be a one year deal, with the possibility of a second year in some form of option. Just a few days ago, World Peace (somehow) scared off potential suitors for his services by saying he wasn’t going to play in the NBA next season. He still might not be interested in playing for the Knicks, or any team for that matter, next year. He feels China might be a more adventurous destination for him at this point in his career. Yet, a source close to World Peace says he wants to play for the Knicks. Who knows what Metta wants, but it’s clear the Knicks want World Peace.

He’d bring 12 points a game combined with five rebounds a game. Oh, and a defensive presence that cannot be overlooked. The Knicks need someone to contain the talented small forwards of the East. LeBron James, Paul George, Paul Pierce, and Luol Deng have been giving the Knicks trouble for sometime now. World Peace could be the one to put a stop to this. Okay, maybe not LeBron.

The Knicks’ defensive lineup would vastly improve, as well. I’d imagine Iman Shumpert, Metta World Peace, and Tyson Chandler would be the core of a solid defensive lineup. Then mix in a point like Prigioni and maybe Melo, or even Kenyon if he re-signs, and you’ve got a solid five.

What I’m possibly the most excited about with the possibility of Metta World Peace being a Knick, though, is the Knicks-Nets rivalry. Metta World Peace is still a fiery player. The Nets just traded for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Between those three guys, something is bound to happen. Now, hypothetically, what if a spat ensues between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett about which brand of General Mills cereal is better? You better believe Metta will be backing Melo up that Trix is in fact better than Honey Nut Cheerios. He may even elbow him in the face by accident because of this.

The Knicks are doing their best beauty pageant contestant impression wishing for World Peace.