Mike Francesa & Jamie O’Grady – Knicks Season Preview

A new season is upon us, so who better to discuss all that’s happening with the Knicks than New Yawk’s Numbah 1?! We’ve got all the angles covered, so grab a diet coke or three, settle in, and let the mellifluous sounds of Gotham’s most beloved sports media figure brighten up your day.

Editor’s Note: This recording is a parody skit. The real Mike Francesa did not contribute, nor did he or WFAN-NY authorize its creation. Also, if you really thought this recording was real, you should locate your nearest cinder block wall and run into it at full speed.

  • Stacey

    This is so great.

  • Klejdys

    “I am sorry, was there a question for me there?” ~ Classic. Well done.

  • Aurora

    Did we lose him?
    I’m here, Mike.
    Looool. Loved this!

    • Knicks_11ThePoet



  • Magic Dust

    How’s this funny? Boring as fuck.

  • Corporal Stevens

    Isiah Thomas was good, but he had “no team”, even though he was the GM who built the team!