Mike Francesa and Jamie O’Grady – State of the Knicks

Once again, Jamie is back as a guest with New Yawk’s Numbah One, talking all things Knicks. We’ve got the diet cokes on ice, so settle in and let the mellifluous sounds of Gotham’s most beloved sports media figure brighten up your day.

Editor’s Note: This recording is a parody skit. The real Mike Francesa did not contribute, nor did he or WFAN-NY authorize its creation. Also, if you really thought this recording was real, you should locate your nearest cinder block wall and run into it at full speed.

  • 21shumpstreet_DPOY

    first ni99as u mad??

    • Knicks_11ThePoet

      good job man. u

      ended my streak

  • kenny

    i understand the call on melo. What i find unacceptable is that, when we tried to intentional foul afterwards, the refs took their time making the call. That ran a few seconds off the clock that the knicks sorely needed for a chance to get the ball back down the court.


    as well as Melo played last night..the bone head lapse in judgement cost us the game…JR was yelling at him not to foul ..but he chose to disregard JR and foul anyway


    Speaking of JR…he was rewarded and yet still he continues with his BS…..this isn’t looking good for Woodson who is suppose to have JR under control…last season he was slapped on the wrist for his social media BS and he’s back with the BS again … smmfh