GAME RECAP: Celtics 114, Knicks 73

The Knicks lost today, but things aren’t so bad. In fact, in their last three games, the Knicks sport a .666 winning percentage. Extrapolated out over the course of a season, the Knicks are a 55 win team! And yeah, they lost by 41 points, but things could be worse! Case in point, one need only examine the Knicks’ history to reveal that they’ve suffered worse losses at least 8 times, so no reason to sound any alarms.

Sure, the first quarter wasn’t that great. The Knicks finished it with just 4 field goals, which put them on pace for 12 for the game. But, ultimately, they more than doubled that output, scoring 25 times! That’s really good compared to 12! And it’s better than they’ve done 19 other times in franchise history, so take that Jared Dubin!

Another bright spot: The Knicks ended the first quarter trailing 34-11, which put them on pace to lose 136-44, but they didn’t. They only lost 114-73. Clearly they ratcheted up their defensive intensity after the first and stepped on the gas on offense. They just need to build on this going forward and they should be OK.

Let’s see, what else…

[checks box score]


BOS 0.542; NYK 0.342


BOS 0.560; NYK 0.375


BOS 27; NYK 23


BOS 46; NYK 26


BOS 22; NYK 13

Hmm…Well, the numbers don’t look good but any real fan knows the numbers don’t tell the whole story. I distinctly remember a play in the second quarter in which Pablo Prigioni had a pretty no-look pass to Amar’e Stoudemire cutting to the basket, resulting in a sweet jam.

Also, in the third quarter, I saw JR Smith get over a screen. On top of that, Carmelo Anthony stripped Kris Humphries and Metta World Peace hit a three. Speaking of Metta, the Knicks outscored the Celtics by a point during his 20:16 on the floor.

What else, what else…Oh, ‘Melo played 31:54, so he got some rest, so that’s good.

In conclusion, I just want to emphasize that nobody should overreact. We’re still in the early part of the season (only 1/4 of the way through) and Mike Woodson is still tinkering with his lineups. Inserting Tim Hardaway Jr. into the starting 5 didn’t work out as planned but you don’t know until you try. Aldrich at the 1? Hey, give Woodson some space to figure it out instead of dismissing it out of hand, man! The one thing I’m with Woodson on is that it’s dumb to give Touré Murray any regular minutes even though he’s the Knicks only point guard who is athletic and defends. In fact I’m not sure why Woody doesn’t just go back to that no point guard lineup he played with at times earlier in the year. Whatever, Woodson is repped by CAA, so he knows what he’s doing.



First Brad Stevens toyed with us:

Then, he finished us off:


  • In all seriousness, my wife asked me why Woodson didn’t just, en masse, remove the slothful, unprideful unit that started the game. Her question brought to mind a vague recollection of a mid-90s tilt against, I think the Charlotte Hornets, during which the Knicks fell behind big early. Pat Riley (or Jeff Van Gundy) removed the entire starting lineup and the Knicks won the game. Obviously my memory is fuzzy about the details (I tried using the Google machine to no avail), but the point is, it happened. That’s #accountability.
  • The Knicks play the Cavs this Tuesday at 7:00PM and their record is worse than the Celtics’ record is, so the Knicks have that going for them. Also the ‘bockers probably won’t still be hungover then.
  • Ericems

    It’s a good thing the Knicks have Carmelo Anthony or else they might be 3-15.