Knicks vs. Cavs blood

GAME RECAP: Cavs 109 Knicks 94

In a big night for the NBA, Indiana beat Miami 90-84 on NBA TV. That’s a big national game, assuming you’re one of the 24 people that actually gets NBA TV. I don’t get it and have to watch on illegal totally legal online streams. It’s very annoying. I wish the NBA would make these games available to watch live on NBA league pass, since we’re already paying an arm, a leg and three toes for that. Roy Hibbert had 24 points, while David West and Paul George (<3) each chipped in with 17. At 19-3, the Pacers are for real.

Today was also an interesting day if you’re a baseball fan. Two big trades went down, continuing what has been a crazy off-season.

The A’s sent the oft-injured Brett Anderson the Rockies for pitcher Drew Pomeranz and a minor league pitcher. Anderson is very good, but never healthy. He ended last season in the A’s bullpen. Oakland had a chance to trade Anderson to Kansas City for Wil Myers last off-season, but opted not to. In hindsight, they’d like to have that one back. That being said, I think they did well in this trade. Pomeranz is younger and cheaper with Anderson. He still has big upside and they’ll control him for five years.

Another trade went down and it involved not two, but three teams. Three teams! The Angels, Diamondbacks and White Sox put their collective heads together and made a five player trade. Five players! The Angels got two good pitchers, the Diamondbacks got a mediocre guy who will hit some home runs and the White Sox got outfielder Adam Eaton. Now, you may be saying “wait, Adam Eaton plays outfield now? I thought he was a pitcher” but it’s a different Adam Eaton. This guy plays outfield and he’s good. I’m sad the Angels got good pitchers though. I root for the A’s and the Angels play in their division. Their pitching was lousy last season and I’d like it to stay that way.

I saw 12 Years a Slave last night. It was powerful and I felt like I was hit by a bus after watching it. I didn’t leave my seat until after the credits had ended because I was floored by the film. Steve McQueen is p good at making movies. Go watch his other two feature films if you haven’t already. One is about sex addiction and the other is about the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike. Speaking of hunger strikes, I think I’ll have some ice cream.

I’m listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack, although I’m not really sure why. I do like the Sound of Music though. We took a family vacation to Germany one year and saw lots of the places from the film. Julie Andrews is great. The film is a classic and I’ll fight you if you think otherwise. Did you guys see the NBC remake of it? It was horrible. Everything about it was bad. Even Carrie Underwood was bad. I still <3 her though.

Super important news broke today that Tila Tequila is apparently a nazi! I guess she went on a Facebook rant (is there any other kind?) about how Hitler was actually a “sweet kid” and was bullied into becoming a genocidal maniac. I can’t figure out what is more shocking, the fact that she’s still relevant or that she’s a Nazi. I’m leaning towards the former. I still haven’t figured out what she is famous for in the first place.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Of course, I was sitting on NBC for ten minutes wondering why Chicago Fire was on instead. Then I realized the show was on CBS. I am dumb. Taylor Swift hosted it. She and I share the same name. Related: I don’t like my first name. I should change it.

Oh yeah, the Knicks played tonight but they uh… didn’t do so hot. They’re not very good at basketball. Cleveland was dead-freaking-last in offense coming into the game, but hung 109 on the ol’ Knickerbockers, led by Kyrie Irving’s 39 points. He hasn’t been very good this season, but everybody is good when they play against the Knicks. Coach Woo_son (Ha! get it because he doesn’t coach defense very well so he shouldn’t get to have a ‘d’ in his name) has the team running around like headless chickens on defense and they can’t stop anybody. Opposing point guards have a PER of 8,000 this season when playing against the Knicks. You don’t have to be an expert in advanced metric nerd sportVU NBA ninja media database stats to recognize how bad that is. I took some notes on the game. Would you like to hear them?




  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Coaching
  • Shooting
  • Rebounding


  • Felton re-injured his hip and will probably be out for a while. Some of the twitter reaction I saw was “Woo-hoo! No more Ray! He stinks!” I have three things to say about that: 1) He doesn’t stink, do you see how much deodorant he wears during the game? 2) Nobody should be happy about players getting hurt and 3) It’s not really a good thing that he’s hurt. While Felton is league average at best, he’s super important to what the Knicks do, or used to do. Pablo Prigioni is the second coming of Jesus, but he’s better in a two point-guard alignment where he doesn’t have to be the primary ball handler. Beno Udrih will likely see minutes, but he has been lousy, especially on defense. Maybe Woodson throws a few minutes at the youngster Toure Murray. He’s #1 on my Toure power rankings. The guy on MSNBC is last.
  • Amar’e Stoudmire had a good game. He’s come on as of late, at least on the offensive end of the floor. His defense will always be extremely detrimental to the team, although he did put in some good effort and blocked a few shots tonight, but he is still a useful offensive player. Him and Pablo did some fun things in the pick and roll and I temporarily smiled, but then they ran back on defense and… yeah.
  • The Knicks still have no idea how to defend a pick and roll. In fact, I would even argue that they’re getting worse at it. Cleveland ran a bunch of them tonight and put the orange ball in the basket nearly every time. I’m not really sure why teams don’t run pick and roll exclusively against the Knicks. I would.
  • Bargnani had a really bad game, continuing a string of really bad games. He’s not very good.
  • I think JR Smith is on drugs.
  • Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, isn’t very good at defense anymore. It’s odd to see, given that he’s been one of the better defenders in the league for a long time. Tristan Thompson blew by him on a mediocre iso-move early in the game. Something like that would’ve never happened five years ago. It makes sense that the Knicks have Peace-test now that he’s washed up and can’t play defense.
  • The Knicks got torched in the third quarter and gave up 33 points. Bad teams play bad in third quarters. The Knicks are a bad team.

Unfortunately, there is another Knick game tomorrow. They’re back home at the Gahden to take on the Rose-less Chicago Bulls. Home court advantage!!! Tom Thibodeau is the coach of the Bulls. He used to coach for the Knicks as an assistant. They should’ve kept him around.

If the Knicks lose tomorrow, and there’s a good chance they will, Mike Woodson may lose his job. This is not a joyous thing. The Knicks were supposed to be good this year and they aren’t. Everyone who either roots for or is associated with this team is losing right now. These are not fun times. I’m not one to blame everything on coaches, but Woodson has done a legitimately horrible job. He’s putting them in a position to lose every time they step on the court. A coaching change should’ve been made a while ago and we can only hope that it’s coming soon. They need it if they have any hope of turning this thing around.